Heads buried in the sand

I was having a conversation recently with someone and the topic of the nuclear deal with Iran came up.  Everyone agreed that this deal was madness.  Everyone agreed that people who support it are ignorant of it’s implications.  When I brought up the point that this deal was just another piece of evidence showing that this President and the people in Congress who support it are antisemites, I was immediately rebuked as going too far.

Too far?  In the past in online forums I have laid out the case as to why this President is an antisemite.  Many Jews here in America and all over the world share similar sentiments based solely on his actions.  From suggesting that Israel go back to pre-1967 borders to making a deal with Iran and excluding Israel from the talks, this President has time and time again shown that he is no friend of Israel.

However, for some the term “antisemite” is just too much for them to handle.  For some reason that escapes me, using such a term to describe someone, when that term fits, is somehow rude and offensive.  Well, has anyone considered that being an antisemite, is in and of itself, offensive?  No, what happens is, people hear that term and immediately shy away because they are afraid that it might offend others.

However, I have a different theory.  That is, most people really do not know truly what the definition of an antisemite actually is.  Dictionary.com defines it as, “a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.”  Now when many read this, they think that hostile is only doing what the Nazis did, which was to throw them in ovens and or gas them to death.  They might think it only entails spraying swastikas on the wall of a synagogue.  However, antisemitism came come in the form of political agreements, and or attitudes or feelings that are against the Jews.

This deal with Iran is antisemitic by its very nature, because the deal is essentially the world powers asking Iran to promise not to build a nuclear weapon, and in the process, we give them tons of their money back that was frozen.  We do this while Iran shouts “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, and is known far and wide to use its money to fund terrorism.  Especially against the state of Israel.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Iran has stated unequivocally that they want to wipe Israel off the map?

In fact this week, the supreme leader Ayotollah Kahmenei said, “Israel will not be around in 25 years.”  They continued to shout death threats towards Israel during the negotiations as I previously mentioned in a blog article.  This is the regime we have negotiated with.  So I will ask those who think that calling Barack Obama and the administration that he created, antisemites as being too rough:  What has the President done to prove that he is not an antisemite?

And of course we have a GOP Congress that refuses to invoke the treaty clause of the US Constitution, but continues to cede power to the Executive Branch.  This is what that gets you.  An Imperial President who is drunk on power, and so much so, that he actually believes that his lasting legacy is to bring a murderous regime to the world table without so much as negotiating for the release of fellow Americans who are being tortured daily in Iranian prisons.  Quite frankly, this administration is a joke, and has made America a laughing stock internationally.

As I prepare to make my first trip to Israel, and to the Holy City and eternal capital of Jerusalem, I wonder how much longer the Jewish people will continue to understand that the majority of Americans support the Jewish state, despite our government who seems to be doing everything to spoil our long and lasting relationship?  I am praying right now that we will still be well received.  I pray that our nation will turn away from this destructive path that has seen the obliteration of numerous kingdoms and governments who have stood against Israel.



Enough is Enough


I published an article recently, my first one for “The Watchman Report”, and in it I stated that among other things, the war against the police that has been stirred up in this nation is a direct result of our nation’s turning away from the Commandments of God.  However, make no mistake, what this man did in executing Deputy Sheriff Goforth from Harris County, Texas was nothing short of pure evil.

Consider the facts of the case.  Deputy Goforth was simply filling up the gas tank of his cruiser.  He was in uniform so aside from the fact that he was in a marked vehicle, his uniform made it clear that he was a law enforcement official.  These facts prove that the gunman, whose name I will not mention because I refuse to give him press time, specifically targeted him because he was a cop.  But he did not just shoot him in the head and that was it.  He emptied the entire magazine into his lifeless corpse.  That shows unequivocal malice.

This case has stirred up many emotions from complete sadness to complete anger and rage against the gunman.  I would include myself in that camp as having all those emotions, despite the fact that I never met Deputy Goforth, and probably never would have met him.  However, it was the sheer fact that it was an evil act against a man who chose a profession of honor.  Also, I think it resonated with many people outside of law enforcement because many may have thought to themselves the way I did: “He was one of the good guys.  He’s a Texas boy.  He’s family.”

Of course the show of support this past week at Deputy Goforth’s funeral was absolutely breathtaking.  The number of law enforcement officials that attended, with many not only from across the entire Great State of Texas, but also from other agencies in other states, showed that this senseless murder of a law enforcement official struck a deep nerve with not only them, but with us, the civilian population.  I for one can speak very clearly that it struck a nerve with me, the likes of which I have not experienced since 9/11.  I am not angry.  I am mad.

The lawlessness of people choosing the devil over God leads to situations like this.  Many like to say, “it’s their life, who are they hurting?”  Why don’t they ask Deputy Goforth’s widow and then get back to me on this?  Sin affects more than just the person committing the sin.  It affects everyone around them, and many times, even those whom they do not even know.  And yes, your sin can lead to the injury and or death of someone else, so again, no, it just does not affect you only.

I can only hope and pray that attacks against our law enforcement, and recently on our military here in the United States, are going to wake the private citizens up to say that enough is enough.  We are tired of thugs trying to cultivate a culture of fear, mayhem, and destruction.  It’s time to start taking back this country from the criminals.

A story that is making the rounds on the internet is that a law enforcement official wrote in to a radio host stating that while pumping his gas this week, and man approached and stated “I got your back” while he was pumping his gas.  This of course made the man’s day.  But that is what we need to do.  We need to let those who wear a badge and a gun and protect us and keep our streets safe that we do have their back.  I did this on Friday at a rally in the town where I work, and I hope some of you did as well.

As citizens we need to keep our eyes and ears open when they are around.  Look out for them in the same way that you would hope and expect that they are looking out for you.  Perhaps the next time you see a police officer enter an eating establishment, you would consider paying for their meal if at all possible?  Maybe it’s just a cup of coffee?  Better yet, send them some homemade cookies to the station.  I am quite certain that they will appreciate it.  Maybe the schools can get involved and have students send in cards, pictures, and the like showing support for our men and women in blue.  Bottom line, they need to know we care.  They need to know that this kind of crap needs to stop.  That’s right I said it!  It needs to stop now!

As for the gunman who executed Deputy Goforth, quite frankly, I hope he gets the death penalty, and anything less than that I think is an injustice to Deputy Goforth and his surviving family members.  If he can find forgiveness from God on this, that is certainly fine, but there is still a price to pay for the sin he committed.  The bible is pretty clear on situations like this:  Genesis 21:14  But if someone willfully kills another after deliberate planning, you are to take him even from my altar and put him to death. 

My greatest hope out of this tragedy is that this will draw the Texas community closer together than it ever has been.  That people will dust off that Bible that has been sitting on the shelf and start looking for answers in a time like this.  I know that my words on this screen alone cannot comfort anyone in an capacity, and certainly not anywhere near anything that the love of God can do in times like this.  Many will ask, “Well if your God is so great, where was he at when this Deputy was shot?”  My answer is, that He was there.  He took note of what happened, and rest assured, the man responsible for this is going to answer for his crime.  Both here on Earth, and someday, before the Almighty Himself.

For now however, show your support for law enforcement.  #BlueLivesMatter

The Point of No Return


This is my first article writing on my new blog as “The Watchman Report.” Typically with new media ventures, it’s a “get to know you” type of article. However, we will have to dispense with the pleasantries, because time is of the essence and this needs to be discussed now.  That of course is, that America is on the precipice of reaching the point of no return.

What point of no return am I referring to you may ask?  It is very simple. America has reached the point of being unable to change her course from colliding with the judgment of God.  You may thinking that, “Come on! Everyone has the chance to repent of their sins and turn it around.”  The answer of course is that yes, everyone does have that opportunity.  However, there is nothing in the Bible that says that we can forever sin away as a nation and not face the judgment of God.

While everyone is going on and on about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and open season being declared on our law enforcement officials, one thing seems to be getting pushed further and further to the back pages of the American news press.  That issue is the nuclear deal with Iran that President Obama is dead set on having the United States agree to with these other nations. This agreement, in every way possible, is against Israel and the US seems to be the head cheerleader of it.

Iran has time and time again chanted, “Death to Israel” and has called for the Jews to, “be wiped off the map.”  Their language is pretty clear in their hatred of the Jewish state and yet, our country invested the last two plus years of taxpayer time and effort negotiating with these madmen.  Our own intelligence agencies confirm what other countries intelligence agencies know about Iran’s involvement with Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad.  They support, arm and bankroll them. All three which have one mission in mind: Kill Jews.

Even as this agreement was being hammered out, Iran was still chanting, “Death to Israel”, and at the same time, “Death to the United States.”  Also, they were continuing to enrich uranium at levels that would be banned under the agreement. In short, they have not showed an ounce of good faith at all to work towards peace. On the contrary, they have thumbed their noses at the countries of the world, all the while lying out of their mouths that they will agree to inspections of their nuclear facilities, and then after having signed the agreement, we find out they have 30 days to prepare for an inspection.  Iran is making America and the world look like fools.

Prior to all of this, President Barack Obama has treated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the worst way possible.  From suggesting that Israel return to pre-1967 borders, and now this Iran deal, relations between the USA and Israel are at levels that I never thought I would ever see.  I would never have imagined when Obama took office in 2008 that we would treat the Israelis like this. But what was his first press conference as President of the United States?  It was an interview with a muslim TV station, and then a Middle East apology tour to America’s and most definitely, Israel’s mortals enemies.  That set the tone to where we are now. Also in 2014 it has been widely reported that Obama threatened to shoot down any Israeli fighter jets that would attack Iran.  However the President has denied ever saying such a thing. (Yes, totally believe the President on this one.)

Where we are at as a nation is that now Congress is set to vote on rejecting this agreement.  The President promises to veto it, and as of this week, has secured enough votes to prevent any type of override.  Some may call me political when I say this, but not surprising, all of the people siding with Obama on this are 100% Democrats.  Only two Democrats so far have broken ranks with the President, and while I do not trust Chuck Schumer or Bob Menedez on anything, because they are liberals, at least they have the sense to see that this deal is a deal with the devil himself. (Oh no! A Conservative just praised a liberal and the heavens shake!)

However, people still think that America is “ok” and that “we are the greatest nation on God’s green Earth” as I heard one radio host say.  There is a sense that America, despite this agreement, is going to continue on being a blessed country. Nothing could be further from the truth.  On the contrary the Bible is quite clear on this. Genesis 12:3 says “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”   The message here is quite clear.  Those who bless the nation of Israel will themselves be blessed.  Those who curse her, that is to say, side against Israel, they will be cursed themselves.

Isaiah 60:12 – “For the nation or kingdom that won’t serve you will perish; yes, those nations will be utterly destroyed.”

These are verses that clearly state that a nation that curses Israel is going to themselves face the judgment of God.  What we are doing with this Iran deal is the final nail in the coffin in opposition to God’s chosen people.  If this agreement passes, and it seems that it will, America will be on full opposition towards the Jews.  America will have brought the cursing of the Jews to a full circle.  The racial tensions in this country, the war against the police, the meltdown going on in the financial markets, these are all warning signs telling us to turn back to God and to His Commandments.  Our nation has embraced sin and then we act all surprised when we hear horrible stories like Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, or seeing gay marriage as the law of the land.

The only way for America to reverse course right now is to turn back to God and turn away from sin.  Only an America united in repentance can reverse the course that we are on as a nation.  However, it seems that there is no indication of any sort of repentance.  When we jail someone because of their Christian faith for refusing to condone the sin of gay marriage, but we allow politicians who have clearly violated the law to run free, where is our heart as a nation?  It’s certainly not with God, and the Bible is the guide to tell us this because Christ said, “You will know them by their fruits.”  If this nation passes this Iran deal, we will have arrived at the point of no return.  The Bible clearly tells us that people who continue to sin will be “turned over to their lusts.”  This means that God will give this nation over to its sins and that will be the final sign of a society in decay.

I wish that I could say something different than what I have, but this is what God has laid on my heart.  We are at the point of no return as a nation because of our opposition to God’s law.  I have been praying for America, the land that I love to repent and I ask that you do as well.  Only prayer will see this nation delivered.