Enough is Enough


I published an article recently, my first one for “The Watchman Report”, and in it I stated that among other things, the war against the police that has been stirred up in this nation is a direct result of our nation’s turning away from the Commandments of God.  However, make no mistake, what this man did in executing Deputy Sheriff Goforth from Harris County, Texas was nothing short of pure evil.

Consider the facts of the case.  Deputy Goforth was simply filling up the gas tank of his cruiser.  He was in uniform so aside from the fact that he was in a marked vehicle, his uniform made it clear that he was a law enforcement official.  These facts prove that the gunman, whose name I will not mention because I refuse to give him press time, specifically targeted him because he was a cop.  But he did not just shoot him in the head and that was it.  He emptied the entire magazine into his lifeless corpse.  That shows unequivocal malice.

This case has stirred up many emotions from complete sadness to complete anger and rage against the gunman.  I would include myself in that camp as having all those emotions, despite the fact that I never met Deputy Goforth, and probably never would have met him.  However, it was the sheer fact that it was an evil act against a man who chose a profession of honor.  Also, I think it resonated with many people outside of law enforcement because many may have thought to themselves the way I did: “He was one of the good guys.  He’s a Texas boy.  He’s family.”

Of course the show of support this past week at Deputy Goforth’s funeral was absolutely breathtaking.  The number of law enforcement officials that attended, with many not only from across the entire Great State of Texas, but also from other agencies in other states, showed that this senseless murder of a law enforcement official struck a deep nerve with not only them, but with us, the civilian population.  I for one can speak very clearly that it struck a nerve with me, the likes of which I have not experienced since 9/11.  I am not angry.  I am mad.

The lawlessness of people choosing the devil over God leads to situations like this.  Many like to say, “it’s their life, who are they hurting?”  Why don’t they ask Deputy Goforth’s widow and then get back to me on this?  Sin affects more than just the person committing the sin.  It affects everyone around them, and many times, even those whom they do not even know.  And yes, your sin can lead to the injury and or death of someone else, so again, no, it just does not affect you only.

I can only hope and pray that attacks against our law enforcement, and recently on our military here in the United States, are going to wake the private citizens up to say that enough is enough.  We are tired of thugs trying to cultivate a culture of fear, mayhem, and destruction.  It’s time to start taking back this country from the criminals.

A story that is making the rounds on the internet is that a law enforcement official wrote in to a radio host stating that while pumping his gas this week, and man approached and stated “I got your back” while he was pumping his gas.  This of course made the man’s day.  But that is what we need to do.  We need to let those who wear a badge and a gun and protect us and keep our streets safe that we do have their back.  I did this on Friday at a rally in the town where I work, and I hope some of you did as well.

As citizens we need to keep our eyes and ears open when they are around.  Look out for them in the same way that you would hope and expect that they are looking out for you.  Perhaps the next time you see a police officer enter an eating establishment, you would consider paying for their meal if at all possible?  Maybe it’s just a cup of coffee?  Better yet, send them some homemade cookies to the station.  I am quite certain that they will appreciate it.  Maybe the schools can get involved and have students send in cards, pictures, and the like showing support for our men and women in blue.  Bottom line, they need to know we care.  They need to know that this kind of crap needs to stop.  That’s right I said it!  It needs to stop now!

As for the gunman who executed Deputy Goforth, quite frankly, I hope he gets the death penalty, and anything less than that I think is an injustice to Deputy Goforth and his surviving family members.  If he can find forgiveness from God on this, that is certainly fine, but there is still a price to pay for the sin he committed.  The bible is pretty clear on situations like this:  Genesis 21:14  But if someone willfully kills another after deliberate planning, you are to take him even from my altar and put him to death. 

My greatest hope out of this tragedy is that this will draw the Texas community closer together than it ever has been.  That people will dust off that Bible that has been sitting on the shelf and start looking for answers in a time like this.  I know that my words on this screen alone cannot comfort anyone in an capacity, and certainly not anywhere near anything that the love of God can do in times like this.  Many will ask, “Well if your God is so great, where was he at when this Deputy was shot?”  My answer is, that He was there.  He took note of what happened, and rest assured, the man responsible for this is going to answer for his crime.  Both here on Earth, and someday, before the Almighty Himself.

For now however, show your support for law enforcement.  #BlueLivesMatter


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