Heads buried in the sand

I was having a conversation recently with someone and the topic of the nuclear deal with Iran came up.  Everyone agreed that this deal was madness.  Everyone agreed that people who support it are ignorant of it’s implications.  When I brought up the point that this deal was just another piece of evidence showing that this President and the people in Congress who support it are antisemites, I was immediately rebuked as going too far.

Too far?  In the past in online forums I have laid out the case as to why this President is an antisemite.  Many Jews here in America and all over the world share similar sentiments based solely on his actions.  From suggesting that Israel go back to pre-1967 borders to making a deal with Iran and excluding Israel from the talks, this President has time and time again shown that he is no friend of Israel.

However, for some the term “antisemite” is just too much for them to handle.  For some reason that escapes me, using such a term to describe someone, when that term fits, is somehow rude and offensive.  Well, has anyone considered that being an antisemite, is in and of itself, offensive?  No, what happens is, people hear that term and immediately shy away because they are afraid that it might offend others.

However, I have a different theory.  That is, most people really do not know truly what the definition of an antisemite actually is.  Dictionary.com defines it as, “a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.”  Now when many read this, they think that hostile is only doing what the Nazis did, which was to throw them in ovens and or gas them to death.  They might think it only entails spraying swastikas on the wall of a synagogue.  However, antisemitism came come in the form of political agreements, and or attitudes or feelings that are against the Jews.

This deal with Iran is antisemitic by its very nature, because the deal is essentially the world powers asking Iran to promise not to build a nuclear weapon, and in the process, we give them tons of their money back that was frozen.  We do this while Iran shouts “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, and is known far and wide to use its money to fund terrorism.  Especially against the state of Israel.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Iran has stated unequivocally that they want to wipe Israel off the map?

In fact this week, the supreme leader Ayotollah Kahmenei said, “Israel will not be around in 25 years.”  They continued to shout death threats towards Israel during the negotiations as I previously mentioned in a blog article.  This is the regime we have negotiated with.  So I will ask those who think that calling Barack Obama and the administration that he created, antisemites as being too rough:  What has the President done to prove that he is not an antisemite?

And of course we have a GOP Congress that refuses to invoke the treaty clause of the US Constitution, but continues to cede power to the Executive Branch.  This is what that gets you.  An Imperial President who is drunk on power, and so much so, that he actually believes that his lasting legacy is to bring a murderous regime to the world table without so much as negotiating for the release of fellow Americans who are being tortured daily in Iranian prisons.  Quite frankly, this administration is a joke, and has made America a laughing stock internationally.

As I prepare to make my first trip to Israel, and to the Holy City and eternal capital of Jerusalem, I wonder how much longer the Jewish people will continue to understand that the majority of Americans support the Jewish state, despite our government who seems to be doing everything to spoil our long and lasting relationship?  I am praying right now that we will still be well received.  I pray that our nation will turn away from this destructive path that has seen the obliteration of numerous kingdoms and governments who have stood against Israel.



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