Sending the wrong message to America’s youth

This past week we all watched on TV South Carolina Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields remove a defiant and unruly kid from the classroom in a local public school.  The video was shot from another student’s mobile phone and then decided to plaster it all over social media.  The backlash from this now has Ben Fields, a highly respected and decorated officer, out of a job and now of course, the federal government gets involved by opening a civil rights case against the deputy.  The only reason for the latter?  He was white, and the student was black.

The Watchman Report noticed that in the hours and days since, everyone has done everything from lay all the blame on the deputy, laying all the blame on the girl, or assigning blame to both.  Some have even called for this officer to be arrested for assault charges.  It seems that everyone, that is to say, adults from all ages are ready to run this officer out on a rail.

However, who really is to blame for all of this happening?  The answer is really simple.  It’s the leftist agenda in this country that somehow convinced an entire generation that disciplining children somehow harms them.  It is because of this doctrine that for all intents and purposes, corporal punishment is no longer administered in schools, and for that matter, parents do not exercise their right and obligation to discipline their kids at home.  It is because of the latter, they come to the school, violate the rules, and then expect nothing to happen as a result of their rebellion.  Then when someone says the word “no” and then enforces the rules, the child, parents, community, and nation cry foul.

Have we collectively as a nation lost our minds?

Raising children in an environment without rules, and consequences for breaking those rules, is not only dangerous, but as we can see from this incident, can affect not only their lives, but the lives of others.  As they enter adulthood, not knowing or experiencing what boundaries are is usually how our nation’s penal system gets filled up with inmates.  When kids are raised in an environment where they do not experience the word “NO”, this leads them to the inevitable position of entitlement.  That they somehow deserve something, and that no one, not even someone in authority over them, up to an including law enforcement, can tell them what to do.

In this particular incident, this officer did nothing wrong.  He gave her ample opportunity to cooperate and leave the class.  There was a clear path of defiance from not obeying the teacher, all the way up to not obeying an officer of the law.  By not doing so, she experienced the word “NO” the hard way, and lets be clear, that it was a choice she made on her own.

However, the issue goes back to one fundamental thing that I stated earlier.  Removing discipline out of the hands of teachers, which was done nearly 3 decades ago, is the reason why you have what you have now.  Now, even principals of schools all across this nation really are hamstrung when it comes to disciplining the student population.  All it seems these days is that the child’s parents contact a lawyer, blab about the issue on social media, the mainstream media runs with it, and someone either is reprimanded, or again in this case, fired.

The wrong message was sent by this school and the Sheriff’s Department.  The message sent to every child in America is that you can do whatever you want to do, you can even say no and be outright defiant, and there is nothing that anyone is going to do to you.  Why?  Because now, everyone, including school resource officers, LEO’s, etc now are going to second guess taking action for fear of losing their job and or facing criminal charges.  Good luck enforcing any sort of discipline now when faced with defiant children.  It is incidents like this are the reason why homeschooling and or private schooling numbers continue to increase.

Now that this event has taken place, get ready to see more stories of children being defiant and either the authority in place will take action, or they will not take action.  Either way, the talk shows will be full of so called “experts” griping about how things should have taken place, but ignoring the overarching fact that when kids are not shown discipline in a swift and firm manner, only chaos will ensue.

The incident in South Carolina was not one based on race, like so many are quickly jumping to, or an out of control law enforcement officer.  The issue is a society that has accepted the concept of no discipline regardless of the circumstances.  It was certain not the first display of this, and it most certainly now will not be the last.  When we sit down and ask ourselves, “How did this happen?”, perhaps we need to look to ourselves and then decide, what are we going to do about it?


Israel: A land you must see

Approximately 48 hours ago, I returned from the vacation of a lifetime.  I spent a wonderful 2 weeks in the land of Israel.  I had high hopes that this vacation would be one that would be very fulfilling from a recreation point of view, but also from a spiritual point of view.  My expectations were widely exceeded.  Israel, is simply a must “go and see” place for anyone, especially believers in Ha’Shem. (G-d)

I do not have time to go into great specifics, but wanted to give just a bit of a teaser as to what I will be writing in the next few days and weeks.  Quite honestly, this one trip has given me so many blogging ideas it’s astounding.  Before I left for Israel, deep inside I already had a connection to the land.  That may sound odd to the average everyday person, because how could you have a connection to a land you have never set foot in?

However, Israel is very different.  It’s in a category all on it’s own.  Once we touched down in Israel, I felt like I was home.  Little did I realize just how much more in touch I would become with my Jewishness as the next few days rolled on.

More to come!  Shalom!