Israel: A land you must see

Approximately 48 hours ago, I returned from the vacation of a lifetime.  I spent a wonderful 2 weeks in the land of Israel.  I had high hopes that this vacation would be one that would be very fulfilling from a recreation point of view, but also from a spiritual point of view.  My expectations were widely exceeded.  Israel, is simply a must “go and see” place for anyone, especially believers in Ha’Shem. (G-d)

I do not have time to go into great specifics, but wanted to give just a bit of a teaser as to what I will be writing in the next few days and weeks.  Quite honestly, this one trip has given me so many blogging ideas it’s astounding.  Before I left for Israel, deep inside I already had a connection to the land.  That may sound odd to the average everyday person, because how could you have a connection to a land you have never set foot in?

However, Israel is very different.  It’s in a category all on it’s own.  Once we touched down in Israel, I felt like I was home.  Little did I realize just how much more in touch I would become with my Jewishness as the next few days rolled on.

More to come!  Shalom!


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