It is happening all over again

It is happening all over again

It’s hard to believe but just a little over 70 years ago, the horror of the Jewish holocaust was discovered in Nazi Germany. As the images rolled in of the mass graves, nearly starved to death women and children, and the deplorable living conditions of the concentration camps, Americans were horrified at what they saw. Many asked, “how did this happen?”

In the lead up to the extermination of the Jews, German law was decreed that Jews must be identified, and that is where the infamous yellow star of David came about. Jews had to wear this under penalty of law, and all products produced by Jews must also be identified. This past week, the European Union voted to label all products sold in Europe coming out of the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. In other words, Europe once again has decided to make it a law to label all Jewish products.

“How did this happen?”

The reason for this identification is that there are a large number of Europeans that have a fundamental issue with the nation of Israel. That issue, that the media really refuses to acknowledge or even report on, is that Europe believes that the land of Israel (Eretz Israel) really does not belong to the Jews at all. Instead, they believe that it belongs to the Palestinians, and like to refer to is as “occupied territory”. As if the Jews are some sort of invading army lording over the Palestinians like a tyrant.

Therefore, Europe has felt pressure from the Arab world, but not so much from those Arab countries directly. Instead, it’s coming from within their own countries from an ever increasing Arab immigration into Europe. So in an effort to peacefully co-exist with these Arab immigrants, governments in Europe have cow-towed to the Muslim population by allowing such things as Sharia law to exist in Muslim neighborhoods, such as what we’ve seen in Britain. Now they have moved on to what is known as BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction). That means to boycott any Israeli products or business, sell off any Israeli based investments, and finally to enact financial penalties to anyone doing business with Israel. It is antisemitism through finances, not unlike what happened in Nazi Germany.

However, the European Union cannot just come right out and adopt BDS as a matter of policy in that name. No, they had to do it under the guise of giving people choice so that they would not violate their conscious and buy products from those dirty, oppressive Jews. So now there is a “warning label” as it were, so that the buyer is fully aware that what they are considering purchasing is coming from “scourge” of the Middle East.

This type of labeling is 100% antisemitism. It is once again marginalizing Jews and blaming them for all the problems in the Middle East. Not surprising, this type of argument is used by Islamic regimes such as Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Hezbollah, along with just about every single Arab country in the Middle East. Given Europe’s history of persecution of Jews, that goes much further back than the Holocaust, one would think that they would finally have learned that nothing good ever comes out of persecuting G-d’s people. Sadly, we’ve come full circle again when you couple the labeling of Jewish products along with the ever increasing Muslim immigration into Europe that spews their hatred about Israel.

There is a way to combat this. Buy Israeli products. As someone who just returned from my first trip to Israel, I can attest that Israelis are inventive, industrious, and skilled craftsmen in what they produce. Even if it is just a bottle of olive oil, or some cosmetics from the Dead Sea, we can counteract in our own way this form of BDS coming from the European Union. It will send a message to people like Federica Mogherini of the EU that she can stand side by side with Bibi and feign support Jews, but that her words are hollow when she allows her fellow member states to pass an antisemitic monstrosity such as this.

Support, invest, and bless the nation of Israel. The Torah tells us that we will be blessed as a global people when we do.