The Big Lie -You can look, but you cannot touch.

Normally, The Watchman Report typically writes news commentary on political issues, and the news coming from Israel.  However, something has been happening on social media that I have recognized is increasing that could no longer be ignored.  That issue is the increase of people posting pictures, memes, and what have you of scantily clad women either as part of a joke, or a lot of times, in the form of admiration of the female form.  I am quite sure that a lot of this goes on on the reverse side, that is to say, women posting pictures of scantily clad men and e-drooling over them.  The bottom line is, what you are doing, is wrong.

“You can look but you cannot touch!”  This is a very old expression that has been recited in relationships for as far back as anyone can remember.  I know that I have heard it, and in my earlier years of life, even subscribed to it.  The thinking goes like this, that someone in a committed relationship, most oftentimes in a marriage, that the husband and or wife can look upon members of the opposite sex that are not their spouse and “appreciate” what they see.  Because they are fantasizing about that person in their mind, but not carrying out a physical act of adultery, everything is o.k.

However, I’m not talking about, “That lady is well dressed.”, or, “Jim looks nice in that suit.”  In other words, paying a compliment with no lustful of sexual undertones or overtones.  What I am talking about is when herds of men and women see the opposite sex walk by and say, “Oh wow! He’s hot!”, or, “Hey dude, check out that chick over there!”

What I just stated is very mild to what we all hear everyday, but you get the point.  Back to my original statement, I’ve seen such things creeping up with increasing frequency on social media as well.  You will be scrolling through posts and bam!  There is some picture of man or woman in a seductive pose, and what’s worse, is seeing that the person who liked the story, image, or whatever, is a married man or woman.  Do you realize what you are doing?

When men and women look upon the opposite sex with lustful intentions, you are committing a sin according to the Bible.  When you say that you will watch a movie, solely for the reason that one of the actors or actresses is hot, means you have a lust issue, and that is not good for your marriage. Even if a single person is reading this, if you do the same, you also are committing a sin.  Yeshua stated, “whoever looks upon another woman with lust has committed adultery in his own heart.”  Matthew 5:27-28

The bottom line is, it’s not “OK” for you to do what you have been doing. So your posting of half naked men and women on social media, you know, for the whole world to see, you are essentially declaring to millions of people your lustful intentions.  According to Yeshua, you have committed an act of adultery even if you have not hopped in the sack with that person you are oogling with your eyes.

Even more sad is that a lot of people in marriages accept this as “normal”, because the world has told them this is o.k.  As we have just found out from the Bible, it is not OK by any stretch of the imagination.  Some people in marriages keep this sort of thing hidden from their spouse and never speak of such things around them, or show them such images that they are looking upon.

Why is that?  It’s because you already know what you are doing is wrong. That’s called conviction of the Holy Spirit and He’s calling on you to stop what you are doing!  What I like to think is this, “Is what you are doing right now something you would call up your husband and or wife and show/tell them about?”  If it’s not, then it’s wrong.

Think about how doing such things makes the other person feel.  Men, when you are looking at other women, either in pictures, or in public, in a lustful way, you make her feel like crap to put it bluntly.  You are saying with your heart that what G-d has given you is not good enough, because you see something better looking.  That is demeaning, degrading, and it dishonors marriage in every single way imaginable.

Women, the same goes for you. That man who works really hard every day to provide for you and the family, when you make lustful comments about another man, you are knocking your husband down about 10 notches saying he’s not good enough for you.  Not surprising, when things like this start happening in a marriage, not too far down the road a couple oftentimes winds up getting a divorce.

However, the ultimate consequence for both of you, if you do not turn away from this sin, is that when you die, you will spend an eternity in hell. Yeshua says in the book of Revelation, “But the cowardly, unbelieving, sexually immoral…will have their part in the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”  Ask yourself, “Is that really what I want for an eternity?”  Hopefully your answer is “no” and you repent and make the change by asking Yeshua to heal you of your lustful heart.  He can and He will take those feelings away and replace them with His holiness and His Shalom (peace).

Some may say that I am being “holier than thou”.  This is simply not the case.  We are all sinners and yes, in my distant past, I had problems with lust no different than the next man.  The difference is, I learned and accepted what the Word of G-d states on this subject.  Only through turning my life over to Yeshua, was I able to overcome the sin of lust. Therefore, I am speaking from experience, and not some “holy roller” that likes to condemn people.

Ultimately, you have to love G-d first, and then you will have the ability to love your spouse the way G-d intended.  As for those who choose to disregard this, do not be surprised if someday on social media that you have been unfriended by me.  The reason is simple, and that is, I do not want to see those types of images showing up on my feed.  Oh, and if you were not aware of this, even if you didn’t post it, if you liked it, commented on it, it’s in your social media feed and everyone who is friends with you sees it.

Men, it’s time to stand up and start acting like men of the Bible. Stop listening to what Hollywood portrays what a real man is, because quite honestly, they do not have the first clue.  Women, the same goes for you, in that, stop buying into what Cosmopolitan magazine defines as a healthy relationship.

Look to the Word of G-d as to what a real woman is supposed to be.  Yes, the Bible does show the fallacy of men and women throughout it’s pages. However, where men and women have fallen, G-d shows us that through Him, they can be redeemed.  If you have read this article in it’s entirety, or even partially, what was stated is based off of His Word, and thus, you are now accountable for it’s content.  I pray that if you are struggling with lust in your life, you will turn to Yeshua, and let Him free you from your sin. “Who who the Son sets free, is free indeed!”