I hate to say I told you so, but…

Last week I published an article outlining why Donald Trump is a trap for true conservatives.  Not long after my article was published, “The Donald” continues to reinforce my assertion with words from his own mouth.  Let’s take a look at a recent example.

Speaking at a speech this week in Las Vegas, Trump had the following to say in regards to the “establishment.”

“And you know what? There’s a point at which let’s get to be a little establishment,” Trump said. “We gotta get things done folks, OK? Believe me, don’t worry, we’re gonna make such great deals.”

Did you get that?  Read it carefully, and slowly, over and over again.  Donald Trump, by his own admission, wants to be a member of the establishment in order to get deals done.  The thing is, it is both parties in Washington DC that do this deal making that usually throws the American people under the bus, while they line their pockets with cash.

Also, take a look at who is endorsing Donald Trump’s candidacy.  Former Senators Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Orrin Hatch, and the list goes on.  They have made statements such as, “He can’t win the general election”, to, “Nobody likes Ted Cruz.”  Remember who these people are folks.  These are establishment Republicans that have rolled over and over again for Obama on just about everything.  Are we really going to listen to these career politicians tell us who is right for America, when they themselves have been nothing short of complete, and unmitigated disaster in our government?

Donald Trump is the establishment’s candidate, because they do not want accountability in the nation’s capitol.  Cruz has rubbed people the wrong way, because Cruz believes in the concept of accountability, and more importantly, the Constitution.  These other hacks do not.  They only care about maintaining the status quo, getting paid, and staying in office and collecting massive congressional pensions.

I told you so about Donald Trump.  He is not in this to help the American people.  It is now, and always has been, a game of conquest for him.  It is time to send the message to Donald Trump, and the rest of Washington DC that there is a reckoning coming, and it’s the fed up American people.



Donald Trump Is A Trap For America

Donald Trump Is A Trap For America

This election year has already been one heck of a roller coaster ride. The one person that probably has made more headlines than Hillary Clinton, is of course Donald Trump, who decided to run for the highest office in the land. “The Donald” has made significant connection with many in the conservative base, as well as independents, with his no holds barred style of speaking. Donald Trump has also not been afraid to bring up controversial topics like the illegal immigration issue, and of late, the barring of muslims temporarily entering into this country until they can be properly vetted. There is no doubt that Trump’s style has been a breath of fresh air it would seem, but the fact is, Trump supporters are falling into a massive trap.

I am 43 years old, so I have known about Donald Trump all of my life. I remember him from the 80s and the 90s and I can honestly say, not until this election have I heard him tow a conservative line. In fact, prior to this election, the man typically associated himself with other leftists and liberal elites. Scour the internet and you will find TV interviews where he says he supports gay marriage, abortion, and a whole host of other leftist views. So what caused this sudden about-face?

One could say that maybe he saw the light and got fed up with Washington politics? Perhaps he “woke up” and saw that Congress was a disaster, like other Americans have, and wants to do something about it, and has the financial means to campaign for President? Or maybe he sees that Obama and the Democrats are killing the free markets in this country with crippling taxes and a government run healthcare system, which of course hurts everyone, and especially the ultra wealthy like him? All of these are valid reasons to be upset with Washington DC politicians as a whole and you do not have to be Donald Trump to do so.

However, with the exception maybe the taxes on the ultra wealthy issue, Donald Trump is not into this race for any of the reasons I stated. His prior political views prove that, with many of those views coming straight from his own mouth. What I am about to say is going to send those in the Trump camp into a tizzy, but the truth needs to be spoken. Donald Trump is only in this race for the White House, because to him, this is nothing more than a big game that he wants to win.

Business moguls like Trump often, and really everyday, are in business to win. They want to crush everyone else, not so that they can get paid solely, but that they can brag about winning. If you have ever seen the History Channel documentary called, “The Men Who Built America”, you will see interviews from current and former CEO’s of major businesses commenting on folks like John Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt and what drove them to success. It’s the same thing that drives Donald Trump to success, which is, it’s about winning and beating out your rival. Nothing more and nothing less. In this documentary oddly enough, two of the Presidential candidates are interviewed, that being Carly Fiorina, and the other guy of course, Donald Trump.

Trump himself admits that he deliberately plays games with other people in business. He highlights his feud with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, but ultimately he comes right out and says, “I like to win.” You may say, “What’s wrong with wanting to win?” There is nothing of course wrong with winning in anything, but what is the motivation for winning? In the case with the current race for the White House, Donald is not wanting to win for the sake of helping out the American people. He’s wanting to win so that he can say, “I won!”.

This is proven in the fact that since he has thrown his hat in the ring, he really has not come up with a better answer for what he would do in the Oval Office other than, “I want to make America great again.” The problem is that he has not stated how he is going to do that. Instead he offers incendiary soundbites like “We will build a wall on the southern border and I will get Mexico to pay for it.”, along with, “I will bomb the hell out of ISIS.” While these sound great, any true conservative knows that Mexico is not going to pay for any wall, and the latter comment is only meant to go after low hanging fruit, which are one issue voters.

This is the crux of the whole issue with Donald Trump. You have to look at the entire package of “The Donald” and see him for who he really is. Probably the biggest indicator that he is really not serious about helping our country return to the Republic that it used to be, is his birther campaign against his rival Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz was born in Canada to his mother, who is an American citizen, and his father who is Cuban, who by the way, is now an American citizen. Precedent has shown that if you are born on foreign soil to a parent that is an American citizen, you are an American citizen and are considered natural born. It was the same for John McCain who was born in Panama, and it was the same for Mitt Romney’s father who was born in Mexico.

However, during the Republican debate this week, Trump himself had the audacity to state why he has brought up the issue of whether or not Ted Cruz is eligible to be President due to the country of birth issue. He stated, “It’s because he’s doing better in the polls.” So for no other reason than the fact that Ted Cruz, who has steadily risen in the polls because he actually has an answer to how to “make America great again”, and not rehearsed platitudes, Trump is trying to stir up a false controversy to derail his campaign. That is a classic sign of a liberal political tactic straight out of the Alinsky camp. What this proves is that Trump confirms that this is all a huge game, and it’s solely about winning and nothing at all to do with taking America back from the pit of liberalism.

This is why if you are a Trump supporter, and he’s “your guy”, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and especially if you call yourself a Constitutional Conservative. We are literally 3 weeks away from the Iowa Caucus, and after several televised debates, Trump still has not offered solid answers on how to return this country to a Constitutional Republic. Rather, it’s the same answer over and over again, “I want to make America great again.” Most likely by March, we are going to have our GOP nominee already decided and the question is, do you want someone with answers to real problems that our country has faced for decades, or do you want a sideshow who in all likelihood if they got elected would soon become bored with the position of President?

Trump has brought up some important issues to the discussion table and for that I applaud him for it. However, his behavior and views in the past, and of late, shows that he is nothing more than a political hack, who really does not have a grasp of the issues this country is facing. My greatest hope is that the portion of the conservative base that has been lured in by his tough talk will take a look at his past, and the present, and figure out why he should not be “their guy” for President.