A haughty spirit before a fall

A haughty spirit before a fall

Proverbs 16:18Pride goes before destruction, and arrogance before failure.”

This verse from the Bible has so aptly described many a person whose arrogance and overconfidence led to their own failure.  Last night during the #IowaCaucus, this played out in nearly poetic fashion as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas handily defeated Donald Trump.  It was the largest number of votes that and GOP candidate ever garnered, and it was all done from a grassroots effort.

What was more amazing about this win, that the media really is not reporting on, is that Cruz won this in the face of staggering odds.  Donald Trump, a man who had more notoriety going into this from not only his own self promotion, but the mainstream media giving him more news time than any other candidate running.  Of course it cannot be stressed enough that Donald Trump had much more financial resources, relying on his vast wealth, whereas Cruz relied on campaign donations and grassroots, ground pounding tactics.  All of this in the last month allowed Ted Cruz to begin rising in the polls and that is what set “The Donald” into arrogance overdrive.

First, Trump tried to bring up the birther argument about his Canadian birth and that didn’t work out.  Next, he called Cruz, “a nasty man that no one likes.”, and that also did not work.  Then out of nowhere, totally touting his polling numbers, polls which for the last several elections have been staggeringly wrong, decided that he was such a shoe in with the voters that he skipped the debate, because of spat he had with FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly.  He even paraded Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, the last two GOP winners of the Iowa Caucuses, as some sort of stamp of approval on their part, and declaring ahead of time that he was going to win Iowa.

Then, Monday night happened.  Ted Cruz won.  Donald nearly came in third behind Marco Rubio.  Donald Trump fell hard in Iowa and the whole country and the entire world witnessed it.  His speech after losing was noticeably toned down, but he still had to make a backhanded remark to Iowans that, “I might buy a farm here.  I love it here.”  Who does this man think he is kidding?

Cruz resonated with evangelicals, of this no one can dispute.  Trump somehow has rallied evangelicals to his side.  Many of which I seriously question their faith convictions who would support a man who is a known adulterer, largely unapologetic about it all, and calls people names when he does not get his way.  Please see his Twitter feed for such wonderful remarks like calling women who disagree with him as “fat…ugly…stupid…bimbos” etc.  But the evangelicals in Iowa I believe saw right through him and for that, I thank G-d for that.

Now the candidates are heading to New Hampshire, and the the pundits are already stating that New Hampshire does not have a lot of evangelicals, and that Cruz probably should focus on South Carolina and the upcoming Super Tuesday after that.  However, I also believe that Cruz’s message was also of returning back to a Constitutional form of government.  For that, New Hampshire always seems to flock back to their state motto, “Live Free or Die.”  They are a state without sales tax and big on private property rights.  Trump may think that his high poll numbers are going to carry the day for him again, and if he thinks that, he may want to exert a little more effort actually discussing how he will “Make America Great Again”, and think about last night’s humble pie that he ate and reconsider his arrogant strategy.

In the end, arrogance and overconfidence was a death nail for Donald Trump.  This writer for one is glad that it was, because the news cycle has been dominated with this man who talks a lot, but offers no real strategy for fixing things, and largely insults evangelicals with his faux Christianity to try and garner votes.

Trump may very well win New Hampshire.  However, it might be someone else like Cruz or Rubio.  Bottom line in this election is, arrogance and pride, like most thinks in life, the Good Book tells us brings nothing but failure.