I have previously written an article about the Trump phenomenon, and the so-called “evangelicals” who are supporting his bid for the White House. I pointed out that those who call themselves Christians and say that they support Trump, even in spite of the fact that Trump neither exudes, nor has a predilection for anything remotely Christ-like, are in fact sellouts to G-d and to our L-rd Yeshua. This past week saw Donald Trump begin to do what he does best, which is to open his big mouth and finally reveal what he truly believes.

Specifically, Donald Trump decided to dive into the controversy surrounding the state of North Carolina passing a law that bans people using the bathroom based on the gender they identify with. Simply put, it is now illegal for anyone to use a bathroom that is not associated with their biological gender. This is simply common sense of course, because who wants some cross-dressing male entering the ladies room where your wife or your daughter just entered? The fact that a law had to be passed on something like this shows how stupid society has gotten, but lets continue on.

Getting back to Trump, he stated essentially that the decision of the legislature and the governor of that state, that they were paying a heavy price for it. His reference is to businesses that have expressed concern, or have already begun to not do business within the state of North Carolina. Even the NBA is considering moving the next All-Star Game out of the state, because like all the other professional sports, the NBA cowers in the face of the LGBT community.

However, the most outrageous comments from the Republican front-runner is that he stated unequivocally that, “People should be able to use the bathrooms they feel most comfortable with.” He went on to put the exclamation on that statement by stating that, “Transgenders are welcomed to use the bathroom of choice, even here at Trump Towers.” You read that right folks. The man who has been garnering the most votes, and a lot of them coming from evangelicals, wants to bless the sin of trangenderism, which is homosexuality according to the Bible. However, it gets worse.

I guess Trump is trying to outdo himself in regards to the outrageous and just plain demonic. We already know he is a womanizer, a foul mouthed man, and cares only about himself and the Trump image. But this week, he took his campaign to a new level when he stated, “I want to change the GOP view on abortion.” Yes, he went there ladies and gentlemen. As I pointed out in a previous article, Trump has long been a supporter of abortion, as he has been pro-choice all of his life. There are a myriad of TV interviews where he states from his own mouth this position, and yet, evangelicals lined up by the droves to support him. Many of his supporters who are evangelicals, have stated that he has changed his mind, or seen the light. Perhaps if they were rooted in the Word of G-d more, they would have seen from the get go that this man is a liar.

Which leads me back to the conga line of evangelical leaders that lined up to support this man, making him to be the man that Christians should vote for. After hearing the comments from “The Donald” I wonder how Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr is feeling now about his endorsement of Trump? Remember, when he endorsed him, he said that he was a great “entrepreneur, a wonderful father and a man who I believe can lead our country to greatness again.” Notice, not a single reference to G-d making our country great again, but instead, putting faith in the man first. I would like to ask Rev Falwell this question, what makes someone a wonderful father who adopts a position that it is a right for a mother to murder her own baby in the womb?

Also, how can we forget the bombastic endorsement of Donald Trump by First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress? He came out touting the praises of Trump stating, “evangelicals will have a friend in the White House in Donald Trump.” But he didn’t stop there remember? He went on to call Christians who choose not to vote for Trump as “fools according to the bible” because it would let Hillary Clinton into the presidency. He even punctuated his declaration by adding that Christians would be “prideful” by not voting for Trump.

Jeffress even stated that he has had “extensive” conversations with Trump and believes him to be a good man. If this were the case, is it not reasonable to believe that Trump’s beliefs on abortion and homosexuality would have come out? If it did not, then why would a Baptist preacher have prolonged conversations and the concept of sin, such as these two subjects are, never come up? Or could it be that Donald Trump lied to Pastor Jeffress and Jeffress bought it hook, line, and sinker?

Bottom line is this, that two prominent evangelical leaders endorsed a man who demonstrated with every spoken word and action that he is not a Christian. Now on two major hot buttons for evangelicals, homosexuality and abortion, Trump comes out with views that are not only anti-conservative, but even moreso, antibiblical, and now they both collectively have egg on their faces. But lets not just limit it to these two prominent religious leaders, lets also lump in every single self proclaimed evangelical that knew what the Bible said on these topics, but instead sold out the gospel to “Make America Great Again.”

Their will be consequences for selling out G-d to win an election. As I have written here, the initial fallout is that two evangelical leaders look like the utter fools that they are for endorsing such a grossly obvious non-Christian candidate. The bigger fallout is that for those who are trying to win souls for the L-rd, it makes our job even more difficult because the identity of the body of believers is so cloudy now. We have literally arrived at a point where there is no distinction from those who are church goers versus those who do not.

The Bible speaks that in the last days, “Many will depart from the faith and heap up for themselves teachers, teaching them what their itching ears want to hear.” This is being fulfilled for sure in this Presidential Election cycle where we have millions of evangelicals who set aside the gospel to embrace the doctrines of a womanizer and a liar. You may say, “Who are you to judge? Doesn’t the Bible say not to judge?” Yes, the Bible says to not judge based on man’s doctrines, but clearly and numerous times from Genesis to Revelation states that we are to use the Word of G-d to judge sin, so that we can avoid it. Those who continue to refuse to start holding people accountable, and instead say, “Well that person is a sinner like me, so who am I to judge?” is simply a copout to confronting sin. Sadly, it’s this spiritual laziness that has brought sin into the church and destroyed many a ministry as a final result.

The consequences of those selling out Yeshua for the sake of winning an election are going to be even greater than what I could write about here. What is sad, is that many will be so far gone in their zeal for winning elections at the cost of sacrificing their biblical morals, that they will not even recognize that the calamity that surrounds them is G-d’s judgement. We can only hope and pray that people repent, ask for forgiveness, and return to holiness.