Beware of false doctrines

Beware of false doctrines

Once upon a time in America, this land was full of G-d fearing men and women. In fact the very foundation of this country started with Puritians and Pilgrims looking to escape religious persecution and live a life wholly dedicated to following G-d’s will. This is what was most important to them above raising crops, livestock, and the like. Very few people did not attend a house of worship, and when we say house of worship, I am specifically referring to a Christian church. Those who did not were in the minority, and for those that did attend church, each sermon was filled with messages about hellfire and brimstone, and that the only way to escape this was through Jesus Christ.

Now we fast-forward to today.

The modern church is full of ungodly men and women. Now that I have your attention, lets focus on what I am stating here. Simply put, in churches across America today, very few are truly preaching and teaching the gospel in it’s totality, but have instead subverted the gospel by preaching only how to be a good person or how to make your own heaven on Earth. Sermons are no longer about preaching on “the wages of sin is death”, but instead are about believing in yourself, and being positive in your life.

We have huge buildings that are supposedly erected for promoting the gospel of Yeshua. Yet, sitting in on one of these sermons either in person, or watching them on a local TV channel, you hear very little, if any scriptural preaching, but more about stories, anecdotes, and other fanciful quotes that people later love to post to Twitter. Many of such postings happen while the service is going on. Instead you will find sand volleyball courts out behind in the church, ping pong and pool tables in the young adults area, and of course, an XBOX in the youth area. I mean afterall, nothing says “praise the L-rd” than blowing up aliens in “Halo” right? Oy vey!

Whatever happened to coming to the house of G-d to, I don’t know, worship G-d? Now in order to get people to come to church we have to lure them in with all sorts of other distractions. Recently, some churches are now desginated as Pokemon gyms and that is bringing in children by the hordes. Many say that this is a good thing because now they can hear the gospel. That is, until these same churches bring about sermons and bible studies that do not address sin. In fact, many of our teenagers today in youth groups are simply there to be with their friends, and if quizzed about the gospel, would fail miserably to answer some of the most basic questions.

Because of the lack of preaching the true Word in it’s entirety, this has allowed evil spirits to infiltrate the church’s members. For example, there are couples today regularly attending churches all across America who are not married. Let me be blunt, they are sleeping together and that is a sin of fornication. However, they have no conviction of what they are doing, because the church they attend refuses to address the issue. That is to say the pastor is willfully turning a blind eye, because they think, “I don’t want to run them off.”, or, “Who am I to judge. The Bible says judge not.”

Another spirit that is infiltrating G-d’s church today is the spirit of homosexuality. We see this a lot in larger congregations, but it can happen in any size church, because in larger churches the area of accountability is reduced significantly due to population size. Gays and lesbians are attending church because likely they were raised in church, but somewhere along the way started listening to the lies of the devil. Those lies that they buy into go along the lines of, “G-d made you this way. You still believe in G-d and Jesus so you are o.k..” There is of course no counter message to these lies, because the pastor and bible teachers in the church refuse to teach what G-d’s Word has to say on the matter. They find it too controversial, and again they, “don’t want to run anyone off.”

In a lot of situations, these people, who are living a life of sin, have large amounts of disposable income and regularly tithe and give offerings. Especially in the mega-churches where praise and worship looks like a Broadway production with expensive lighting, sound, and musical instruments. With bigger church populations comes the need for more paid staff. In short, many church leaders do not want to rock the boat by bringing out the entire truth of the gospel for fear of people leaving the church and with them, the church’s means of financial support. It is really sad to say, but the gospel has been sold out strictly for the sake of money. The words of the gospel are so true when G-d stated through His servant Paul, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10.

This is why church today, in many parts of the country, is nothing more than a social club. It is a place where their children can play with other kids, and adults can either fellowship with one another with everything from Super Bowl watch parties that take the place of a worship service (yes, this really does happen) or they go to be entertained at “bible conferences” where the main attraction is the “Naked Cowboy”. If you do not know what I am referencing with that latter reference, Google the words “Naked Cowboy” and “Hillsong”. That’s right, I just dimed out a church by name.

My last statement in the above paragraph goes back to something I mentioned earlier. A lot of churches do not confront sin in their bodies because they think they are judging and they mention the famous verse that they think makes the controversy go away. This is a gross misinterpretation of what that verse is referencing. “Judge not” means that we are not to judge what is right and wrong according to our own reasoning or made up system of beliefs. We are absolutely supposed to judge sin and use the Bible to do so. 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that the Word of G-d is good for “reproof, for correction, and instruction in righteousness..” Therefore, this completely debunks the “judge not” cop out and it is high time that churches stop glossing over sin. That does not mean that you shout down people saying, “SINNER!”. However, church leaders need to stop making excuses for not confronting sin in the church body.

Finally, for those who are reading this article and saying to yourselves, “You know, I cannot remember a time where our pastor gave a sermon on heaven, hell, and everlasting life.”, or, “I cannot remember a time when our pastor preached on holiness and righteousness.”, it might be time to have a chat with you pastor. I would encourage anyone who is in this situation to speak with your pastor about it, and be as candid and frank as possible, but be respectful. Listen to what they have to say, and ultimately, make sure it lines up with the Word of G-d. If you are in a church today where the sermons and the bible studies are not lining up with the entire Word, then it may be time to look for another place of worship that does preach the gospel in an uncompromising way.

But wait you say. “Are you literally telling people to leave their church?” The answer to that is, if they are not preaching the uncompromising gospel, then what is the point of them being there? If we as believers are not going to church to ultimately worship the L-rd and Savior Yeshua, then why are we even going? If we are going to church because they have a coffee bar, or video games, or singles night out at the local go cart track, then we are doing ourselves, and more importantly the L-rd no good, because our purpose for being there is for something other than worshiping Him. At that point it would be time to really get on one’s knees, and ask G-d to open a door to another place of worship that is 100% preaching the Word of G-d in it’s entirety.

American society is in a degraded state, because it has drifted from the gospel. This has been brought on by the softening of the message of G-d. If we want the lawlessness to stop spreading, if we want to see a reduction in crime, if we want to stop the spread of diseases, if we really want to stop the desensitizing of our children to sex and violence, then believers must abandon any preaching, teaching, or place of worship gathering that is not regularly preaching on these subjects. We must as believers seek out those places of worship where pastors are preaching about heaven, hell, and everlasting life. They may not have Starbucks in the fellowship hall, but rest assured, they will have Hebrews.



The Time Has Come – It’s Time For America To Reject #BlackLivesMatter

The Time Has Come – It’s Time For America To Reject #BlackLivesMatter

I had planned earlier this week to blog about the travesty of justice that was and is Hillary Clinton getting a pass from the Justice Department over her email scandal.  I had planned to cover all the bases on how one set of laws seem to apply to one group, while the rest of regular Americans have to live within the confines of the actual law.  This was my plan.

Then, there was Dallas Thursday night.

In summary, there was a protest organized by Reverend Jeff Hood, who by the way this will be the only time I use the title “Reverend” in regards to this man in this blog for reasons that will be revealed later, to protest the police shooting of suspects in Louisiana and Minnesota.  Prior to this rally, Jeff Hood made the following statement.  Warning, it is graphic .

“(name of our L-rd) d*mn white America.”

This was the tone that was set before the protest.  A supposed man of the cloth, a man who graduated from a Baptist Seminary, and a man who was raised in church, was taking the name of our L-rd in vain to damn white people in America to hell.  It was a declaration of hate and certainly not representative of our L-rd and Savior Yeshua.  In fact, you will not find one racist remark in the Bible from our L-rd Yeshua, or our Heavenly Father Adonai.  Yeshua Himself warned us about what comes out of our mouths and what it will produce.

Luke 6:45 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

45 The good person produces good things from the store of good in his heart, while the evil person produces evil things from the store of evil in his heart. For his mouth speaks what overflows from his heart.

This past Thursday night, many people took to the streets of Dallas to exercise their protected right to peaceably protest.  I do want to say from the outset, that it was a peaceful protest on the surface.  There was no one throwing rocks at police or doing anything like that.  When the shooting started, some of the protesters actually pulled police who had been shot to safety and that is to be commended.  There are videos, pictures, etc of Dallas Police protecting the public.  To be clear, they (police) were protecting the public that was out that night to specifically protest against police.

While #BlackLivesMatter did not organize this protest on their own, and the gunman who killed those police officers was not affiliated with this group, they most definitely are responsible for what took place Thursday night in Dallas.  How you may ask?  Because since the shooting in Ferguson, MO, the BLM movement came out for one reason and one reason only.  They hate cops.

Despite what you may read in the news today, that they condemn the attacks against police in Dallas, and are going to protest that with marches, they absolutely hate cops.  When you walk down the streets yelling “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”, which to be clear, is calling for the death of police officers, you are setting a tone of hate, and unfortunately, that catches like wildfire.  In fact, even after the shooting commenced, there are videos showing the laughing and even dancing protesters upon hearing and seeing cops getting shot.

Does that sound peaceful to you?  I didn’t think so.

Getting back to who organized this protest, Jeff Hood, we need to see who or what kind of man he is.  I know exactly who he is, because I used to live in the community where he got started.  He is a man who started a church in a bar in downtown Denton.  Sounds noble right?  However, Hood has made a conscious decision to disregard the Bible, because he openly welcomes homosexuals into his congregation, and does not teach his congregants that such a lifestyle will send one to hell.  In fact, he is now on staff at Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope, which is an openly gay “church”.  In other words, according to the Word of G-d, Jeff Hood is a false teacher, unrepentant, and rebellious.

Jeff Hood was quoted as saying the following after the shooting took place:

“I follow Jesus. I am a preacher.”

Getting back to the verse I quoted earlier, if he is rebellious at heart, then naturally what will be produced is rebellion.  Thursday night’s protest, regardless of how Constitutionally protected it may have been, was led by a man that had nothing but hate and contempt in his heart not only against his own race, that being white, but also against law enforcement.  These are things that Jesus would not have endorsed, and if it has not become abundantly clear by now, any person who preaches that being gay is not a sin, and that an entire race should be damned to hell, is not following Jesus.  Even Yeshua said Himself, “You will know them by their fruits.”  The fruits of Jeff Hood and BLM are 5 dead Dallas cops and many others injured or traumatized.

The slowly building war on law enforcement, due to the rhetoric and actions of BLM, went to a new level Thursday evening.  Now, it’s time for common sense Americans to stand up and formally reject the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and call it what it is.  It is without a doubt a racist, hate-filled organization that seeks as it’s ultimate goal to humiliate our law enforcement, make them second guess when seconds count if they should draw down or not, and ultimately, makes America’s cities and towns less safe.  Yes, there are undesirables in all areas of industry and service, and those people should be and are dealt with on a daily basis and we usually never read about it in the press.  However, adopting a point of view that the people that are there to protect you from harm are somehow the source of the problem is not only silly, but again, such rhetoric is damaging enough to turn weak minded people to violence.

Therefore, if you are a person who maybe has subscribed to some of the philosophy of the BLM movement, perhaps it’s time to take a step back, especially if you are a believer in Christ.  It’s time to research who are the people leading such a movement, and what is really in their heart?  Yeshua did not call people to support anarchy, but to be law abiding citizens wherever we may be.  Are their people of color that have been unfairly treated by police?  Of course there have been, but they are a small fraction compared to the overall police force in this nation.

The problems that are plaguing America’s ethnic neighborhoods are not just limited to ethnicity.  The source of the problem pervades all colors, creeds, and socio-economic classes.  The source of the problem that leads to problems like Ferguson, South Carolina, Columbine, Oklahoma, Ft. Hood, 9/11 are all the same.  It is about being distant from the Word of G-d, and what does G-d say Himself about what will happen when people get away from His Word?

Matthew 24:12 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

12 and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah.

These are the words of Yeshua Himself stating what the problem is.  Society has lost it’s love because society continues to get further and further away from His Word.  This is how we have interactions with police like the one’s I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  This is how things lead to what happened in Dallas Thursday night.  A man full of so much rage, because another organization and other groups of people who, instead of looking to G-d’s Word for comfort and direction, decided to come up with their own doctrine to handle things.  That doctrine birthed nothing but hate and contempt for several groups of people and ultimately this man, a veteran, taking up a rifle and killing police and injuring civilians.

I want to be clear that I am not advocating that believers not get involved in activism for a particular cause.  What I am saying is that as believers, we need to look at such organizations, like BLM, through the microscope of the Bible.  If it does not match up, we should not be a part of it.  In my opinion, based on what the Word teaches, no believer should be a part of BLM.  As such, Bible believing Americans need to make their voices heard about #BlackLivesMatter.  That is to say, all races of believers need to collectively reject their rhetoric, their leaders, and those like Jeff Hood that have been infected with their hate filled message, and replace that with the Word of G-d, which is the only source that gives humanity hope.

Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with all the families that lost loved ones, and or were injured or traumatized Thursday night.  I cannot imagine what they are going through.  However, the one thing I am seeing good out of all of this, is the response of sympathy, compassion, and love for law enforcement from those posting on social media, to those who stood on overpasses saluting the motorcades that carried the dead officers bodies to the funeral homes.  Seeing this gives me hope that the majority of Americans support and defend what law enforcement does on a daily basis.









Hashtags.  They are popular on social media for finding subject matter.  They are also powerful tools for raising awareness on a variety of issues.  However, this one that is in the title of this blog post is special as it is powerful.  That is because we as believers need to, and are commanded to #StandWithIsrael.

First of all I want to thank my good online friend, and soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces, Hananya Naftali, for sharing a wonderful video the other day after this week’s terror attacks in Israel.  You can view it here.  In it he explains in a clear and concise way what is going on in Israel right now with all the terrorist attacks.  The case is sufficiently made when he states that Israel is not dealing with peacemakers in regards to the Palestinian terrorists.  They are dealing with brainwashed jihadists who have only one mission.  That mission is, to kill anyone who disagrees with their religion or politics.  This especially applies if you are a Jew.

This past week was absolutely horrific in terms of terror attacks in Israel.  There was a shooting this week near Otniel of a Rabbi who was killed and his wife and kids seriously injured.  Another attack occurred in Netanya where Israeli civilians were stabbed by once again, a Palestinian terrorist.  The terrorist was thankfully shot and killed by an armed civilian.  Finally, one of the most heartbreaking stories of the week was the 13 year old girl who was asleep in her bed, and was stabbed to death by a 17 year old Palestinian.  After the attack, he was shot dead by security guards.  All of these attacks have several things in common.  The attackers were all Palestinian terrorists, and the target of the terrorists were Jews.  These are the facts, and they are indisputable.

Yet, after all these attacks, the left in Israel, the USA, and around the world blamed the Israeli government for failing to arrive at a two state solution.  No blaming the crazed terrorists themselves for carrying out murder and chaos, but immediately looked to blame someone or something else for their actions.  Even my own government could only muster up an empty condemnation of the attacks, although unlike the past, they actually called it terrorism, instead of “violent extremism”.  These attacks actually happened after the bombing of the airport in Turkey, where Secretary of State John Kerry said that such attacks show that, “We are winning the war on terror.  This is an act of desperation.”  So, based off the news this week in Israel from all these attacks, Israel must be winning in amazing form right?

Of course not.  John Kerry’s statement was and is completely ridiculous.

Since September of 2015, stabbing attacks against Jews, or shooting at IDF soldiers, all done by the hands of Palestinians, literally have become a daily occurrence.  The Palestinians are not desperate, they are waging a continuous war against Israel.  The education curriculum in Palestinian schools is littered with anti-Semitic references, and even showing a map of what is supposed to be Israel, but instead shows it all belonging to Palestine.  Kids are taught through kids TV shows and in songs to hate and kill Jews.  As my friend Hananya would say, “How can we negotiate with people who are not peacemakers?”

The answer of course is that Israel cannot negotiate with the Palestinians.  No one could reasonably expect any country to negotiate with another country, that has ingrained in its culture, nothing but contempt, which includes murdering the other’s citizens, simply because they worship differently than they do.  Yet, the United Nations, the United States, and everyone expects, and even demands that Israel continue to tolerate these attacks and “show restraint.”  It seems that there is always a double standard when it comes to Jews and Israel.

This past week’s terrorist attacks in Israel show the world clearly that the Palestinians have ZERO interest in negotiating with Israel for a “two state solution.”  Consider that on the Temple Mount, young Muslim teenagers have been causing riots by harassing Jewish visitors, and even non Jewish visitors.  Yet how did the Israeli government react?  They chose to suspend all non-Muslim visits to the Temple Mount until Ramadan was over.  Oddly enough, during Ramadan, it is forbidden to do commit sinful acts, one of which is fighting!  I guess the Palestinians either are not reading their Quran carefully, or they are and simply do not care and are full of hate.  I am going to go with the latter explanation on this one.

As believers in Yeshua, we are told to not fight, because that is not Christ-like.  Many tell us, especially non believers and Palestinian sympathizers, that “Whatever happened to ‘turn the other cheek’ like Jesus said?”  I will not get into the debate on how this verse is misused here so much, but suffice to say, it is.  There are many examples in the Bible where the armies of Israel went to war against those that wanted them dead.  The most famous story of David and Goliath tells of a battle against the Philistines, which by the way, the Palestinians to this day are their descendants, where you have the Philistines who worshiped many gods and the Jews who worshiped the One True G-d.

Our L-rd delivered the Philistines into the hands of our people and why?  Because the Philistines were a warring nation that did not want peace.  That is what they lived for and this is evidenced in the Bible in the following passages.

1 Samuel 17:  33 Sha’ul said to David, “You can’t go to fight this P’lishti — you’re just a boy, and he has been a warrior from his youth!” 

G-d knew the enemy that the Jews were facing that day.  They did not want peace with the Israelites, but instead wanted their land, their money, and their wives, and if that entailed killing them all, then that was good enough.  The Palestinians of today are no different who are brainwashed into killing Jews.  They want their land and everything they have!

So enough is enough!  It is time as believers that we speak boldly about Israel and get the truth out there.  You are not going to see the truth about Israel on the cable news channels.  We as believers need to start reading the Israeli newspapers online, and watching the news videos to understand what is going on over there.  Even better, hop on a flight and visit the land of Israel and see it firsthand.  I did, and it was the trip of a lifetime and deepened my faith more in HaShem.  Moreover, I got to see firsthand what goes on in Israel in everyday life.

Israel cannot negotiate with the Palestinians any longer, and this current detente is not helping either.  It is time that Israel get tough with the terrorists and send a clear message to them.  Americans would never accept people shooting rockets at our country, stabbing and shooting people in the streets, and all because of their religion, and we as believers in Yeshua should not expect Israel to accept that either.  This is G-d’s land that He gave to them.  It is time to make our voices heard on Israel’s behalf, and let the whole world know that Israel has a right to exist free from violence.

I encourage you on your social media accounts to put in your profile the hashtag #StandWithIsrael to bring awareness to what is going on in that country.  It will also show them that you fully support Israel, and her right to exist.  You can further support Israel by buying Israeli products.  Most importantly, do what the Bible says which is to pray for Israel, that there will be peace.