The assault on the church

Our modern society has brought forth many things that many of us, including myself, never imagined would be discussed openly, much less practiced and or accepted as normal.  However, this is a different era that we are living in.  The 21st Century has been a total roller coaster for the last 16 years from a morality point of view, and shows no signs of slowing down.  When churches stick to biblical teachings about morality, they come under immediate attack.

The latest attack recently came to Dallas, TX when a gay man recently posted a letter to his Facebook page castigating Watermark Church in Dallas for revoking his membership because he was gay.  The letter went viral almost instantly, and within 24 hours, it made the local network news, and within a few days, local columnists were ripping the church to shreds as being “hateful” and as one columnist addressed it, “that church did not deserve you anyway.”

As part of this man’s Facebook post, he posted an actual image of the letter that Watermark sent him revoking his membership in the church.  Oddly enough, the entire posting was celebrating a one year anniversary, in this man’s view, marking one year to the date that they had revoked his membership.  I will address the timing of this later on.

Immediately after this story broke, Watermark Church posted a statement regarding their decision to further clarify what took place.  However, this did not stop local Dallas Morning News columnist, Jacquielynn Floyd , from publishing an opinion article making false statements that the church dismissed him from formal membership through a letter only.

Had Mrs. Floyd actually done some journalistic research, or maybe have reached out to Watermark directly, she would have seen their statement where they reiterate the same things in their formal letter to him.  To wit, that they had met with him in person on numerous occasions to discuss his views on homosexuality, and that it was not consistent with following Yeshua.  However, clearly this did not matter to the media and thus Watermark has had to endure relentless attacks from the media and of course the outcry on social media has been nothing short of horrific.

However, I do not want this blog post to be about one gay man’s rebellion against G-d, but rather to address the bigger issue going on here.  That is, when a church sticks to sound biblical teaching, it comes under immediate assault from our rapidly turning liberal culture.  Also, this attack is not just the collective outrage of people who are by and large, biblically illiterate, but more so is a calculated attack by persons being used by the devil.

In the case of the Watermark controversy ask yourself this:  Why did this man wait an entire year after the event to post what happened online?  What was the purpose of posting it in the first place?  Some will say that maybe in his view he is celebrating some liberating moment, which is how the viral posting portrays itself.  However, the purpose of the Facebook posting by this man was clear, and thus, ties in to the overall point of this blog.  That is, the only purpose for bringing this up a year later was to purposely slander a church, it’s leaders, and it’s members as being a group of hate-filled Christians.  It was and is a deliberate attack to destroy a church.

It was designed to target people who would be “outraged”, because those same people are by and large uneducated about how the church works according to the Bible.  They themselves are living outside of a church.  It is kind of like someone who knows nothing about the sport of football trying to tell a football’s coaching staff how to coach.  It’s silly.

However, this is part of a growing trend against churches, and I fear, is just the beginning of more attacks against the body of Christ.  Last year in Houston we saw a mayor and city council that demanded that local pastors turn over sermons and speeches in the wake of the trans-gendered bathroom controversy.  This was pushed back by the community of believers, but nevertheless, the waters were tested.  What is happening is that a church in this modern era that does not accept sin, is deemed hateful and will pay a price.

Unfortunately, what is coming down the pike are major legal battles for churches.  Just last year when President Barack Obama was addressing people at a DNC event, he stated that should gay rights come in conflict with religious beliefs, religious beliefs will lose.  That is a powerful statement coming from the highest office in the land.  So if you hold biblical beliefs sacred in your heart and teach that to your congregants, and someone attending your church is offended, I can clearly see the path where churches will be brought in front of judges being sued.

What we as believers need to be doing is getting deeper into G-d’s Word.  The reason for that is we need to have scripture ready on our lips to quote whenever the attacks come, be they against our churches, or ourselves as believers.  The Bible clearly states, Do all you can to present yourself to God as someone worthy of his approval, as a worker with no need to be ashamed, because he deals straightforwardly with the Word of the Truth. 2 Timothy 2:15  You see, G-d’s Word tells us right here that we as believers should not allow ourselves to feel ashamed when we are holding firm onto G-d’s Word, which comes through diligent study.

The Bible also states that in the Last Days that “scoffers will come”.    These are going to be people who are looking for ways to discredit not just the church, but G-d’s Word is what this verse refers to.  The enemy’s ultimate goal is to distort and lead people away from the love of G-d.  He does this because he hates us, humans, because we are G-d’s creation.  We were made in the image of Him, so every time the devil looks at us, he sees the face of the One who ousted him from heaven.  That is why he makes people believe that they can be gay and still a Christian, or an alcoholic and a believer, or whatever you care to insert.  Those people then are used unbeknownst to them as agents of the enemy when they attack churches.

Therefore it is up to us as believers to not just sit back and be the silent majority, but to take a firm, but loving stand for our L-rd and for His Word.  I believe that Watermark has accomplished this in stellar fashion, but to those whose hearts are far fallen, it does not matter to them that they are following the tenets of faith that the Bible teaches.  This is disregarded, because in this dispensation of time the word “no” is a mystery to them, because many people have rarely encountered it.  We as believers know about the word “no” from our Father in Heaven, because just as a parent corrects their child of undesirable behavior, so does our Father correct our behavior through His Word out of love for us.

We as believers, now more than ever, need to lift up one another in prayers, as well as our church leaders and ask G-d to give them strength and direction during these troubling times.  We also need to intercede for those who are being used of the devil that they will come to their senses and turn away from sin before it’s too late.





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