As of the writing of this blog, we are just two days away from Election Day in the United States.  Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is a date that will long be remembered in the annals of US History.  This Presidential election season in many ways started as far back as 2014 and has dominated the headlines ever since then.  Many are tired of it all and just want it to end, and then there are those that even when it comes and goes, it will not be over for them.

I am 43 years old and I have seen many Presidential elections come and go.  However, this year’s election has been one of the most tumultuous and frankly, nasty elections that I have ever witnessed.  The field of candidates from either major party have all fought with one another on the issues, but the personal attacks were outrageous.  Of course, who can forget the “small hands” comments from Senator Marco Rubio, and also Donald Trump calling Ted Cruz, “Lying Ted Cruz”, as well as making disparaging remarks about his wife.

On the Democrat side, we saw a fierce fight as well that honestly was not very well covered by the liberal media.  That is because the liberal media does not want to show the world it’s hand, in that, there are just as many people disenfranchised in their party as there are in the GOP.  We now know that there was an active campaign at the DNC level to deep six the campaign of Bernie Sanders, and that was accomplished through the use of Super Delegates.  While I totally disagree with what Bernie Sanders stood for, which is basically communism, having your campaign sabotaged by your own party that you are running under is underhanded.

The Presidential debates have been lack luster to say the least.  Very little discussion on the issues and nothing but personal attacks.  However, since the final debate, we have seen a swath of hacked emails from the group Wikileaks that shows exactly what was going on in the Clinton camp when she was Secretary of State.  Essentially, every assertion she made before Congress under oath has been proven through her own emails as being a lie.  Also, as of yesterday, it has been proven that the Clinton Foundation received 1.1 million dollars from the country of Qatar, a state that sponsors terrorism, and she never reported like she stated she would.  This woman is a liar of the first order, and what is worse, she does not care that she lies or what you think as long as people vote for her.

On the other side we have Donald Trump, who is a successful businessman and charismatic to say the least.  His style of speech literally shook the GOP’s foundation to its core in that he showed himself as a man that could not be bought or persuaded by the establishment members of the party.  However, Trump’s campaign is much like Obama’s was in that, there are a lot of platitudes and a lot of promises, but when pressed for details, people like myself are still waiting for answers.

He has conducted himself as a bully, using slanderous speech both in person and most notably his Twitter wars have been nothing short of a spectacle of thin skinned behavior.  We have leaked audio from several years ago speaking of women in a disgusting sexual fashion.  To his credit he has apologized for that, but when considering his past which has mostly been of a playboy type of behavior, it sort of falls on deaf ears, especially people like myself.  However, the most egregious thing that I have witnessed from this candidate is his shameless pandering for votes from the evangelical community.  He has spun himself as the greatest thing for evangelicals, and as I have previously written on this, been no shortages of so-called evangelical leaders rallying believers to vote for this man.  Again, a man who says he has never asked G-d for forgiveness.  Let that last part sink in a bit.

Speaking from the perspective of a believer in Yeshua, neither of these candidates is acceptable nor qualified to be President of the United States.  Both are morally corrupt, both clearly show that lying is totally acceptable to either of them in order to obtain whatever they desire be it votes, money, and power.  If we are to use the words of Yeshua who said, “by their fruits (actions) you will know them.”, which our L-rd is telling us how we will know if someone is a believer in Him, most assuredly both of these candidates show they are not followers of Yeshua at all.

So who do we vote for as believers?  I have heard many people say, and mostly evangelicals, that we have to vote for Trump, because the country will be worse if Hillary Clinton is elected.  Many try to use the Supreme Court argument that the next President may be appointing as many as 3 additional Justices along with the empty spot left by Antonin Scalia who died earlier this year.  They of course use the point of view that Hillary is just “so corrupt” while at the same time ignoring and dismissing the faults of Donald Trump like his womanizing past, his foul mouth, and his racist leanings.

There are plenty of candidates out there running for President of the United States, but you may not hear or see anything about them on the local nightly news, on the front webpages of major news networks.  These are referred to as “third-party” candidates and they are just as serious about running for the highest office in the land as those in the GOP and DNC.  One of those parties that I happen to support is the Constitution Party.  I encourage all believers to goto and read up on the candidate Darrell Castle and what their platform is.  You will find that is is a constitutionally conservative party that hold true to the Bible and it’s teachings.

Of course there are the naysayers out there that state, “voting third party is throwing your vote away”, or my favorite, “a vote for anyone else but Trump is a vote for Hillary.”  Both are silly and frankly insulting statements to make.  Why should honorable men and women feel forced into voting for men and women who are dishonorable?  The answer is they should not and they do not have to.  Ask yourself this question, “Has voting for men and women into office, be it Congress, local city councils, and President of the United States, who continue to not keep their word once in office changed anything?”  If you answered no, you might be on the path to recovery.

The fact is as believers, we need to take a serious step back and look at who we vote into office.  Are we voting based on “being on the winning team”?  Are we voting the way we do because that’s the way our parents voted?  Are we voting for a political party because we consider it the “lesser of two evils”?  What we should be doing is voting for candidates for office by lining them up with the Word of G-d.  Do we pray and seek Yeshua for answers on who we should vote for?  If the past century, and this current one that we are in are any indication of what that answer is, the resounding answer is “no.”

I have stated this before in previous blogs and I will say it again, continuing to vote for the “lesser of two evils” is still choosing evil.  Continuing to vote men and women into office who clearly demonstrate that they are not men and women of their word, i.e. liars, is not representing us.  In fact what we are doing is shooting ourselves in the foot.  That is why we have legalized abortion in this country.  That is why we have arrived at the point where grown men who declare they identify as a woman, can walk into a restroom with women and young girls, and have lawmakers endorse what they are doing as a “right” instead of calling it what it is, which is perversion.  This is why our nation has endorsed the gay lifestyle to the point of accepting it as “normal” even putting it on equal ground as allowing homosexual marriage.

Of course through all of this we have believers wringing their hands with concern about the direction this nation is heading from a moral standpoint, and all the while voting for men and women who show zero fear of G-d themselves.  These same people chastise other believers that have the audacity to bring up the points that I have mentioned in this blog as to why we should stop voting for these immoral people.

Imagine the change we could bring about as believers if the evangelical community of America were to stand up and say to our leaders, “Enough is enough.  We are tired of your empty promises, your lies, and your double talk.  We elected you to office to represent our views and to stand up for what is right, what is moral, and what is just.  If you refuse to hold to your word, if you refuse to hold to the truths of the Word of G-d, we will show up en masse and vote you out of office.”  I am quite certain that organizations like the GOP would see this as a bluff.  But imagine for a moment what would happen when we as believers actually follow up that threat with action, by not voting for who they tell us to vote for?  The political avalanche that would ensue would be newsworthy to say the least, and quite possibly, would bring about the death of such a party.

That leads me to the final point which is, maybe it is time for the GOP to be consigned to oblivion?  The GOP, by and large, is supported heavily by evangelicals, but again, they have not represented us at all in decades.  There is no real change happening within the halls of the Republican Party.  Therefore, on this Tuesday, why not cast your vote for real change?  Imagine if a write-in candidate beat out members of both parties?  It would make worldwide news overnight, but more importantly, it would send a strong message to Washington, and to all 50 states that the “silent majority” is silent no more.  Or you can vote for either of the two major parties, and we can have another 4 years of the same song and dance that has droned on for decades.  The choice is yours.



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