All Pretense Removed

All Pretense Removed

In this world today, a lot of people like to walk around with a certain pretense of being neutral, or even helpful, despite evidence to the contrary, when working to resolve conflict.  This has been more revealed over the last eight years with the Obama Administration’s attitude and posture towards the nation of Israel.  At every turn, this Administration stated out of one side of their mouth the President’s unwavering support for Israel, out of the other side of his mouth, doing everything to work against the Jewish state.

This finally culminated in the absolute atrocity that occurred in the United Nations on Friday.  The UN Security Council brought forth a resolution demanding that Israel halt all settlements in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem.  14 member states voted in favor of this, which is almost not that shocking since any Jew, or anyone with common sense for that matter, knows the UN is a body full of anti-Semites.  However, what was shocking was that the United States, a member of the Security Council, chose not to exercise its veto power against the resolution, and instead abstained.

For many years the United States has stood shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the UN, vetoing any resolutions that outright attack Israel’s sovereignty, such as this recent resolution.  However, what took place yesterday was and is unprecedented with US silence in the form of a vote of abstention.  However, that silence is quite deafening because it sent a loud and clear message to Israel.  This administration is 100% against them, and this final act shows the level of contempt that Barack Obama has for the Jewish people.

The US Ambassador to the UN tried to offer an explanation that was utterly pathetic by stating that the United States has long considered “settlements to be an obstacle to peace.”  This of course is nothing but sheer hogwash that the Obama Administration is spewing.  This President from day one in the White House, has demonstrated through his words and his actions that he is no friend to Israel or Jews anywhere.

This has been demonstrated by the following actions of this administration:

  1. Obama stated just a merely two years ago that Israel should return to it’s pre-1967 borders, effectively making Israel impossible to defend against attack from enemies which surround her.
  2. Has repeatedly treated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with utter contempt.
  3. While making statements that the United States was against Iran obtaining nukes, secretly for years was negotiating with Iran, a state that sponsors terrorism worldwide, a nuclear arms deal without including Israel on the talks. Effectively, they left Israel in the dark on a matter that directly affects them.
  4. Has refused time and time again to recognize that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and always has been. (Note: other Presidents have done the same.)
  5. Has stated himself that settlements in Israel, a land that belongs to the Jews and always has belonged to them, are an obstacle to peace.
  6. Punctuated the previous point by abstaining from a UN Security Council Resolution calling for the ending of settlements in Israel.

If anyone, up until yesterday, still believed that this President was united behind and stood with Israel, you should now have a different point of view based on the evidence that is plainly in front of the whole world to see.  Barack Obama is not, and never has been, a supporter of Israel, but instead has been the exact opposite.

He started his administration 8 years ago, by making it his first priority of going on a Middle East apology tour and pandering to Islamic states.  While Israel deals with terror threats and in the last 18 months, daily knife attacks on it’s citizens, settlements, not terrorism, is what Obama thinks is the obstacle to peace?  This again, comes from the man who cannot bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorism”, but instead prefers a more Muslim friendly, “extremism”, when referring to terrorism at the hands of Muslims.  Thus, as I have stated in the past through actions and words, Barack Obama is an anti-Semite.

All pretense is now removed at this point.  For anyone to continue to try and credibly assert that the Obama Administration is and has been pro-Israel, and thus, pro-Jew, then to put it bluntly, they are fools at best, and liars at worst.  Only die hard leftists would defend this President on the topic of Israel, and that is because they are mindless drones.  Furthermore, any Jew who continues to think that this President is in any way supportive of Jews, then most likely, they are Jew in name only, which sadly is the case amongst a large number of Jews in America who are leftists.

The Torah is very clear on the subject of Israel in the book of B’resheet (Genesis) 12.  “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you..”  Abstaining from a vote, that is to say, taking a pass on standing up and in solidarity with Israel, is not blessing Israel, it is cursing Israel.  Thus our nation, according to G-d’s law, will come under judgement from Him for this and other past cursing of Israel as mentioned earlier.  Thankfully the President-elect, Donald Trump, has stated unequivocally, the opposite attitude towards Israel.  We should all hope and pray that he follows through with such promises of support.

In previous blog articles I have called the President an anti-Semite, and I have endured criticism for making such remarks.  Criticism in the form of comments like, “Anti-Semite is a strong word”, or, “it’s ridiculous to all the President that.”  However, as stated near the beginning of this article, there is a clear, and well documented pattern of behavior from this President and his administration towards Israel that can only be summed up into that word “anti-Semite”.  If those reading this article choose to continue to believe that he is not an anti-Semite, then you already know my thoughts about your position.  For those of you just now coming to the light and seeing through the lies, the deception, and frankly, the hate towards the Jewish people, I welcome you to the fold, and pray that you continue to seek HaShem (G-d) for answers and develop your love for Jews even deeper.