Want To Work In Government? Religious Tests Are Here.

Want To Work In Government?  Religious Tests Are Here.

In America, our Constitution is the law of the land.  It is the overarching document of laws that transcend all 50 states, that provides all Americans with the freedom and certain “unalienable rights”.  However on Capitol Hill this week, Americans were treated to a sitting US Senator testing the waters of a religious test to hold a government office.

If you want to read about the while account, there is a good article at the following link.

Russell Vought was forced to endure what many are considering a religious litmus test, to hold public office appointed by the President.  Former Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, pressed Mr. Vought about an article he wrote regarding whether Muslims and Christians worship the same god.  Keep in mind, Mr. Vought is being nominated to head up the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Senator Sanders even went so far to bring up the topic, “What about Jews?” in terms of going to hell for those that do not believe that Yeshua is the Son of G-d and the only way to salvation.  This was nothing more than the enemy, Satan, using someone to spread lies and discontent, in an effort to discredit Yeshua and His followers.  It was a classic scenario of trying to make it look like Christians were against Jews, which is to try and promote a narrative of antisemitism.  This in the wake of the last 50 plus years, where divides between Christians and Jews have been removed, and reconciliation has, and is taking place.

The bottom line is, the Bible is clear about who G-d is.  His Word clearly states the following,

Acts 10:  34 Then Kefa (Peter) addressed them: “I now understand that God does not play favorites, 35 but that whoever fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him, no matter what people he belongs to.

Did you see that?  Whether you are American, British, Libyan, Black, White, Asian, whether you are Jewish, or whether you are not,  it does not matter.  Salvation is not dependent upon nationality or ethnicity, but on whether or not people fear the L-rd and follow His commandments.

What should give all believers in Yeshua pause to notice, is that, for the first time that I can recall in my life, a sitting US Senator in front of the entire nation, said that he will not vote for someone to take office because of their faith in Yeshua.  Thus, Senator Sanders, who campaigned for President under the banner of “tolerance”, clearly has shown that if you are a believer, you need not apply.

What is incredible is that the chair of that committee should have realized that those very questions violate the Constitution, and should have called Senator Sanders out of order.  However, blatant violations of the law seem to be the new norm for our nation’s leaders.  All of this was prophesied in the Bible when those who, “call good evil, and evil good”, would face severe woes.

Senator Bernie Sanders clearly displayed his contempt for the Bible, for believers in Yeshua, and for the rule of law.  In the last days, the Bible says that, “lawlessness will aboud..” and thus we must be vigilant about events like these.  Does that mean we rollover and just take it?  Of course not.  We respectfully, but clearly point out such acts of bigotry against G-d’s people and let others know that this is unacceptable.  As for Senator Sanders, he should step down from office after such a gross violation of the Constitution.  Of course he will not do so, because that is how far gone people like him are.



Will Trump Move Embassy to Jerusalem?

Will Trump Move Embassy to Jerusalem?

In the 2016 Presidential race, Donald Trump made a promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  For many who voted for him, this was one of several reasons why Americans cast their vote for him.  It certainly was among evangelicals who believe that Jerusalem is the eternal capitol of Israel.

Next week, President Trump will visit Israel for an official state visit.  However, reports started to surface a week ago that the USA may not move it’s embassy after-all.  There are also reports from the Trump Administration that some are stating that the Western Wall is not even in Israel, but Palestine.  This is an obvious dismissal of the fact that Israel has been in control of Jerusalem, to include the Western Wall, since 1967 during the Six Day War.

So the question is, will Trump direct the Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to give up their lease in Tel Aviv and move to Jerusalem?  Only time will tell on this question, but one thing is clear.  There is already a congressional act, that was passed more than two decades ago, that authorized such a move.  Please see “The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995” for more information.  Suffice to say, every President since Clinton has rejected to follow this law, and it would seem that President Trump is starting to lean that way.

Why is it so important that the USA recognize Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capitol of Israel?  For one, it’s simply a historical fact.  Not only does the Bible confirm that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, but many other history books acknowledge this fact, such as the works of Josephus, the famed Jewish historian for the Roman Empire.  While Jerusalem, and the entire nation of Israel for that matter, has been invaded and conquered several times over, the fact remains that Jerusalem always has, and always will be the capitol of Israel.

Second, the entire land of Israel was promised to Avraham and his descendants by G-d Himself.  Genesis 12, among many chapters in the Torah, make it clear what Israel’s boundaries are.  To that end, Jerusalem is within those boundaries, and as such, the city itself is 100% G-d given and wholly belongs to the Jews.  While other people, like Arabs, live in the city, it is not theirs and never has been by any legal means.  In fact the book of Zecheriah says the following:

Zechariah 8:3 ESV 

Thus says the Lord: I have returned to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem shall be called the faithful city, and the mountain of the Lord of hosts, the holy mountain.

Now I do not know about you, but when G-d Himself is calls Jerusalem the “faithful city”, and “Mountain of the L-rd of Hosts”, I think you can take it to the bank that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.

Finally, the USA, and for that matter the rest of the world, would do well to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel simply because they will be blessed by G-d Himself!  Genesis 12 again tells us that:

Genesis 12:3 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

3 I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Who does not want to be blessed by G-d?  Well, if we are to look at world governments, to include the United States, it seems some do not.  Do not get me wrong, America has been richly blessed, and for many decades, we have supported Israel.  We were the first country to recognize in 1948 that she is a sovereign state.  However, we are still holding back on this one area, which is to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.  What better way to do that than to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem?  By making such a move, not only does that solidify America as a global leader, but most importantly, we will be blessed!

Let us pray that President Trump keeps his promise to move our embassy to Yerushalayim.  Pray that G-d speaks to his heart and gives him the courage to do what is right.



History Will Show Barack Obama Sides With Evil Everytime

History Will Show Barack Obama Sides With Evil Everytime

Barack Obama has taken his fair share of parting shots at America, at decency, and sided with what is wrong as opposed to what is right.  After spitting in the eye of every Jew on the planet for the last 30 plus days, Obama has now commuted the sentences of nearly 1400 criminals.

The latest, Bradley Manning, the Army Specialist that divulged classified information to Wikileaks, and thus put people’s lives at risk, had his sentence commuted by none other than Barack Obama himself.  This is a man (Manning), who is mentally ill and was able to get us, the American taxpayers, to pay for his hormone therapy to turn himself into a woman.  Of course, he never can be one because you cannot alter DNA, but that is for another discussion (or maybe not because frankly, it’s a gross thing to think about).

What we witnessed today in commuting the sentence of a man who compromised US Intelligence, is just further proof of a pattern with this outgoing President. Barack Obama, since day one in office, has stood on the side of immorality.  He sides with terrorists by releasing them from prison only to see them return to the battlefield and hurt innocent people.  Obama pushed forward the homosexual agenda, by misusing his position of power to promote gay marriage.

This lame duck President decided to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran, and kept Israel in the dark for years while the negotiating went on behind their backs.  Again, a country who swore to “wipe Israel off the map” he decided to negotiate with!  Of course the pinnacle of his antisemitism was the snub in the UN last month.  This President for his entire two terms in office has thrown law enforcement under the bus, by meddling in local law enforcement’s work at protecting the public, by painting them as blood thirsty, racist animals.

Of course, we cannot forget that this President demonstrated zero leadership in the wake of the intelligence debacle that was Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  Her level of violation of our national security laws was literally unprecedented in terms of her complete and utter stupidity in handling classified information.  Yet, not one time did this President use his office to bring down the full force of the law against her.  You would think that given her being a former rival, he could cut ties, but I guess the bond of Democrats supersedes all areas of decency and morality.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Bradley Manning is going to get out of jail in just a little over 3 months from now, after divulging 270,000 classified and unclassified documents to Wikileaks.  Take a look at the following quote from a news article regarding this travesty of justice.

In a statement posted on the White House’s website, the Administration states that “we must remember that clemency is an extraordinary remedy, granted only after the President has concluded that a particular individual has demonstrated a readiness to make use of his or her second chance.”

Let me get this straight.  So the President thinks that someone who put on our nation’s uniform, swore an oath to defend her, even unto the death, and then summarily turned his back on everything he promised, divulged our nation’s secrets, and most likely put other servicemen and servicewomen, along with various other intelligence assets around the world in mortal danger, should get a second chance?  Funny, because usually a traitor, which Manning absolutely is, does not get a second chance.  How he’s alive today is another testament that we as a nation have lost our backbone when it comes to dishing out punishment for violating the nation’s trust.

However, that is what this President does.  He is without honor.  He is without decency.  He is the most un-American President in US History, and no I’m not harking back to the birther argument by saying that.  Instead of standing up for the rule of law, instead of standing up for what is the natural and moral order of things in a civil society, instead of standing up and should to shoulder with our ally Israel, instead of backing our nation’s military by properly and rightfully letting traitors rot in prison for their full term, he chooses to side with the opposite.  In the simplest of explanations, he sides with evil, and bear in mind, America elected him twice.  What does that say about our nation?

In three days time, Barack Obama will vacate the White House, and a new President will take his place. From this blogger’s point of view, he cannot leave soon enough.  Every moment that he continues to stay in that honorable house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he soils the sanctity of the Office of President of the United States of America. Unfortunately, he has chosen to take up residence in Washington DC after he leaves office, so that he can continue his legacy of interference and general being a pain in the neck.  My greatest hope is that America will ignore this man once he is out of office, and focus on trying to piece back together this great nation.  I hope that this is a shared hope by all my fellow Americans.

Donald Trump is not a saint, and I resent members of the evangelical community that try to paint him as such.  However, I believe that Donald Trump loves America.  I believe that he respects the Oval Office, and I believe him when he says that this country is an absolute disaster.  I am hopeful that he will respect the rule of law, and work to make this country great again for all Americans.  Let’s pray for our incoming President-elect that he will listen to the voice of G-d and do what He wills.  That he will choose to side with what is right.


2016 Year In Review

2016 Year In Review



The date of this article is December 31, 2016, and once again, we are closing in on one year, and about to start another.  This past year has been, in my opinion, one of the most roller coaster years that I can ever remember.  To be perfectly honest, 2016 cannot end soon enough and for a myriad of reasons.

Of course, the biggest event of this past year was the Presidential Election.  Back in February when the Iowa Caucuses were underway, Donald Trump seemed like a long shot for the Presidency.  In fact, Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus and handily so.  However, from that moment on, the “Trump Train” was running at full speed and steamrolled all the way to securing the GOP nomination.  From that moment on, Trump would become the scorn of the Democrats, establishment Republicans, and even people like myself who thought that Trump was just not really the best choice.

The November elections came and went, and Trump by all accounts, won in a landslide in terms of electoral votes.  In just a little over two weeks from now, Donald Trump, a man that I grew up reading and watching in the news, and only knew as a flashy, rich businessman, is going to be President of the United States of America.  Although I did not vote for the man, looking back on the current administration’s year and their actions, I have nothing but sheer hope for 2017 in the changing of power in Washington D.C.

This past year was also one filled with profound violence, and especially towards our law enforcement officials.  Right here in the Lone Star State of Texas, it hit home especially hard when 5 police officers were gunned down during a protest in Dallas, TX.  I can still remember the profound sadness that gripped the entire nation to see such lack of regard for human life.  However, I remember the amazing response from this nation as we saw legions of police officers from all over the country attend the funerals of the fallen officers.

They came from large cities and they came from little towns where the police force may only consist of a few officers.  Nevertheless, they came to pay respects to a brother in arms, men they had never personally met, but knew them because they shared a common occupation, and the hazards that go with it.  I then watched as ordinary citizens put signs of support on their vehicles, businesses also put signs in front of their establishments showing their solidarity with police, and I read countless stories where police agencies had businesses and private citizens bringing to the station food just to say “thank you” and to let them know that “we got your back.”  In retrospect, it was one of the saddest, yet finest moments of 2016 in this writer’s opinion.

Being that this is a blog that focuses on end time events, we must give attention to the profound evil that swept across this land in terms of moral breakdown.  That breakdown that we all witnessed was the pressure from the homosexual community to accept those that identify as “transgendered.”  This movement, and that is really what it is, is predicated on the notion that an individual can simply one day wake up and declare that they are the opposite sex in the face of biological evidence to the contrary.  As part of that declaration, the gay community demands that everyone accept that decision up to and including allowing such individuals to use dressing rooms and bathrooms of the gender that they identify with at that particular moment.  We have seen that culminate in parents, if you can call them that, allowing children as young as 2 years old, telling them that they are the opposite sex, when in fact they are not, and they just simply allow the child to, “express themselves.”

A few decades ago, they would have been locked up for child abuse.

Finally, 2016 ended with the coup de gras, with President Obama’s hostile, and downright anti-Semitic policies towards Israel.  Specifically, an abstention vote in the UN regarding a resolution that would divorce the Jewish people from their ancestral homeland sent the message that this President, and his drones, absolutely and without a doubt, hate the Jews.  What is sad is that there are many in his administration that are Jewish themselves, but sadly, in name only.  Relations with Israel are now at an all time low, and that is sad considering that it was the USA that first recognized Israel as a viable state.

As stated earlier, 2017 will start with the changing power during the Presidential Inauguration in mid January.  Many people are placing their hopes and dreams on the shoulder of President-elect Trump and the GOP controlled Congress, and many of those are born again believers.  However, we as believers need to be cautious in 2017 and not place our faith in men.  As men and women of G-d we need to commit ourselves to deep and faithful study of the Word of G-d; studying to show ourselves approved unto Him.  Only through prayer, supplication, worship, fasting and bible study can we overcomes the struggles that lie ahead in the coming new year, as well as being prepared for the good times that will come our way.

My greatest hope and prayer for my readers this year is that you draw closer to Him, and seek His face in all things.  May Yeshua Hamashiach bless you and keep you throughout 2017.



All Pretense Removed

All Pretense Removed

In this world today, a lot of people like to walk around with a certain pretense of being neutral, or even helpful, despite evidence to the contrary, when working to resolve conflict.  This has been more revealed over the last eight years with the Obama Administration’s attitude and posture towards the nation of Israel.  At every turn, this Administration stated out of one side of their mouth the President’s unwavering support for Israel, out of the other side of his mouth, doing everything to work against the Jewish state.

This finally culminated in the absolute atrocity that occurred in the United Nations on Friday.  The UN Security Council brought forth a resolution demanding that Israel halt all settlements in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem.  14 member states voted in favor of this, which is almost not that shocking since any Jew, or anyone with common sense for that matter, knows the UN is a body full of anti-Semites.  However, what was shocking was that the United States, a member of the Security Council, chose not to exercise its veto power against the resolution, and instead abstained.

For many years the United States has stood shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the UN, vetoing any resolutions that outright attack Israel’s sovereignty, such as this recent resolution.  However, what took place yesterday was and is unprecedented with US silence in the form of a vote of abstention.  However, that silence is quite deafening because it sent a loud and clear message to Israel.  This administration is 100% against them, and this final act shows the level of contempt that Barack Obama has for the Jewish people.

The US Ambassador to the UN tried to offer an explanation that was utterly pathetic by stating that the United States has long considered “settlements to be an obstacle to peace.”  This of course is nothing but sheer hogwash that the Obama Administration is spewing.  This President from day one in the White House, has demonstrated through his words and his actions that he is no friend to Israel or Jews anywhere.

This has been demonstrated by the following actions of this administration:

  1. Obama stated just a merely two years ago that Israel should return to it’s pre-1967 borders, effectively making Israel impossible to defend against attack from enemies which surround her.
  2. Has repeatedly treated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with utter contempt.
  3. While making statements that the United States was against Iran obtaining nukes, secretly for years was negotiating with Iran, a state that sponsors terrorism worldwide, a nuclear arms deal without including Israel on the talks. Effectively, they left Israel in the dark on a matter that directly affects them.
  4. Has refused time and time again to recognize that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and always has been. (Note: other Presidents have done the same.)
  5. Has stated himself that settlements in Israel, a land that belongs to the Jews and always has belonged to them, are an obstacle to peace.
  6. Punctuated the previous point by abstaining from a UN Security Council Resolution calling for the ending of settlements in Israel.

If anyone, up until yesterday, still believed that this President was united behind and stood with Israel, you should now have a different point of view based on the evidence that is plainly in front of the whole world to see.  Barack Obama is not, and never has been, a supporter of Israel, but instead has been the exact opposite.

He started his administration 8 years ago, by making it his first priority of going on a Middle East apology tour and pandering to Islamic states.  While Israel deals with terror threats and in the last 18 months, daily knife attacks on it’s citizens, settlements, not terrorism, is what Obama thinks is the obstacle to peace?  This again, comes from the man who cannot bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorism”, but instead prefers a more Muslim friendly, “extremism”, when referring to terrorism at the hands of Muslims.  Thus, as I have stated in the past through actions and words, Barack Obama is an anti-Semite.

All pretense is now removed at this point.  For anyone to continue to try and credibly assert that the Obama Administration is and has been pro-Israel, and thus, pro-Jew, then to put it bluntly, they are fools at best, and liars at worst.  Only die hard leftists would defend this President on the topic of Israel, and that is because they are mindless drones.  Furthermore, any Jew who continues to think that this President is in any way supportive of Jews, then most likely, they are Jew in name only, which sadly is the case amongst a large number of Jews in America who are leftists.

The Torah is very clear on the subject of Israel in the book of B’resheet (Genesis) 12.  “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you..”  Abstaining from a vote, that is to say, taking a pass on standing up and in solidarity with Israel, is not blessing Israel, it is cursing Israel.  Thus our nation, according to G-d’s law, will come under judgement from Him for this and other past cursing of Israel as mentioned earlier.  Thankfully the President-elect, Donald Trump, has stated unequivocally, the opposite attitude towards Israel.  We should all hope and pray that he follows through with such promises of support.

In previous blog articles I have called the President an anti-Semite, and I have endured criticism for making such remarks.  Criticism in the form of comments like, “Anti-Semite is a strong word”, or, “it’s ridiculous to all the President that.”  However, as stated near the beginning of this article, there is a clear, and well documented pattern of behavior from this President and his administration towards Israel that can only be summed up into that word “anti-Semite”.  If those reading this article choose to continue to believe that he is not an anti-Semite, then you already know my thoughts about your position.  For those of you just now coming to the light and seeing through the lies, the deception, and frankly, the hate towards the Jewish people, I welcome you to the fold, and pray that you continue to seek HaShem (G-d) for answers and develop your love for Jews even deeper.




America – Land Of The Crybabies

America – Land Of The Crybabies

This past week was a wild one to say the least.  On Tuesday evening, many of us stayed up and watched as the Presidential Election started to unfold in ways many of us, especially the media, did not expect.  By the time 2:30am CST rolled around the next morning it had been settled.  Donald Trump, a man with no political experience, and who has never served in the military, had won the 2016 Presidential Election.

As per previous elections, the winner, Donald Trump, made a very magnanimous speech claiming victory, while at the same time calling for both political sides to bind up our wounds, set the bitterness in the past, and work together, because that is the only way anything is going to get done.  It was quite honestly in this writer’s opinion, his best speech to date.  On the opposing side, the following morning Hillary Clinton, noticeably dejected and it seemed, on the verge of tears, offered her concession speech.  She also called on Americans, especially the ones that did not vote for Trump, to give the man a chance to govern.

Almost immediately after Hillary’s speech, we started to hear news reports of protests.  People taking to the streets to admittedly, exercise their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble and protest the election of Donald Trump as President.  Many students at several college campuses across America, were apparently emotionally upset at the results.  To wit, many of them were having “cry-ins” at their schools as a form of protesting.  One professor of economics at Yale University sent an email to his students stating that if they were that upset with the results of the election, that they could be exempt from the midterm.  You read that right.  Cry-ins and exempt from midterm exams because they were emotionally distraught that Hillary Clinton did not win the election.

As of the writing of this article, the protests are starting to spread to more cities, and are increasing in numbers.  Some of the interviews with protestors are frankly, chilling.  One man interviewed said this of Republicans, “Some of you are just going to have to die.”  That’s right folks, because someone disagrees with who got elected, those who elected the man, need to die.  That is tolerance from the left.

Other protestors that were interviewed spun the same arguments that have been going on since day one of Trump’s campaign.  People called him a fascist, a racist, anti-immigration, and a whole host of other outrageous accusations.  However, the media who were interviewing these people never asked the hard questions like, “Why is it that you say that?”, or “Why do you feel that he is a fascist?”  I will address this in just a moment.

What we are witnessing with all these protests, cry-ins, etc is what happens when you baby a generation of children.  This is what happens when you give out participation trophies, medals, and ribbons to everyone so that their feelings are not hurt.  This is the inevitable effect when you tell every child they are winner, even when they have lost at something.  In other words, what we are witnessing is the result of what happens when you coddle a generation of children away from the real world.  You in turn get a generation of teens and young adults that feel entitled and that their feelings supersede any laws, rules, and rights of others.

I said earlier that these people had a Constitutional right to peaceably assemble and protest.  However, these people are not doing that.  Flipping over vehicles, setting them on fire, assaulting people in broad daylight, simply because they disagree with who someone voted for, or the result of the election did not go their way, that is not peaceably assembling.  Of course, we are again talking about millennials, i.e. the “coddled generation”, many of whom do not even know what the Constitution contains.

Here is a message to any millennial out there reading this:   

Welcome to the real world where you can’t always get what you want, so stop being a crybaby, man up or woman up, and act like an adult.  America, and yes, the rest of the world owes you nothing.  You do not get a participation trophy just for living.  There are winners and losers in this world, and those of us who understand this have all been winners at one time, and yes, losers at other times.  When we lose, we don’t like it the same way you don’t, but the difference is, we don’t throw a tantrum like you are doing right now over a legitimate election process that has long existed since before you and any of us were ever thought of.  To be clear, you are beyond acting ridiculous, but rather, acting like spoiled brats.  Get over the election results, and more importantly, get over yourselves.

Now a message to the parents out there reading this article:

Please take a long look at these protests.  I implore you to look at the behavior of these young adults, because this is exactly what happens when we teach a generation of children that their feelings are more important that the rights of others.  Demanding that your child get a participation trophy, when your kid’s soccer team came in dead last in the league, so that they do not feel bad, will eventually lead to this spectacle that you are witnessing.  Also, telling your child that they can be anything they want to be in life is lying to them.  Not everyone is going to be a pro football player.  Not everyone is going to be an astronaut.  We as parents are to pay attention to our children and encourage them in what they are really talented in, and not give them false hope in areas where it is clear they do not have the “right stuff.”

Throughout these protests, we need to understand why they are growing.  That is because the media is giving these protestors an inordinate amount of coverage.  Why is that you may ask?  If you were watching CNN, MSNBC, even Foxnews, you saw so-called “impartial” journalists visibly upset over the election results.  At CNN, one reporter kept fishing for ways for Hillary Clinton to possibly have a way to the White House, even when it was beyond clear that no such path existed.  One reporter, Rachel Maddow, actually had an on-air meltdown.  To sum it up, the media got this election wrong, they have been in the tank for Hillary Clinton since day one, and they, like the spoiled brat millennials protesting, are upset at the result.

Therefore, they are giving these protests a lot of press coverage.  Think about it, they are protesting what I said earlier was a legitimate election process.  While these protestors are calling for Trump not to be put in office, something that Constitutionally no one can stop from happening, the media gives them air time.  It is there way, the media, throwing a tantrum like these brats.  They are already working to sabotage the President-Elect’s administration long before he takes the oath of office by drumming up civil unrest.

The best thing that we can do as citizens is to not be afraid to call this for what it is.  That is, spoiled brats throwing a tantrum.  A bunch of crybabies that did not get their way.  We do not say that to provoke people, but rather, to speak the truth.  These millennials, and even older generations of Americans, have been living in a land where people literally avoid or get visibly upset at truth.  Yes, millennials do not know what this is by and large, and their realization of what reality is will not come overnight.  However, there is no reason that we should continue to tiptoe around them so that their feelings are spared.  That is not to say that we should be hateful and ugly, because we should not.  What I am saying is that the shielding from the real world needs to end, and it needs to end immediately.

One thing that I am confident about this generation of emotionally fragile people is that in the coming years, the light bulb will turn on.  These young adults in college will graduate from their safe-zones and they will need things like a real job, a place to live that is not their parent’s house, a car, health insurance, and to be able to cook something for themselves that does not involve the words “Hot Pocket” or “Ramen Noodles”.  When they get their first paycheck and see all those deductions that the government likes to take from them, it is at that point that they will realize that maybe, just maybe, all those “mean conservatives” were right about that whole, “You should be able to keep more of your money” type of thing.  There will still be some Kool-Aid drinkers that will never see it that way, but then again, those people do not contribute much to society with degrees like “gender studies.”

At this point, all we can do, as those of us living in reality, is to speak the truth to these people (protestors).  Never stooping down to their level, which usually involves political points of view punctuated by the F-word.  Instead, articulating what form of government we have, and that the rights of others do not end where your hurt feelings begin.  Stop being a bunch of crybabies America.  It’s embarrassing, and the whole world is watching you.



You Have A Choice Tuesday, So Why Not Vote For Real Change?

You Have A Choice Tuesday, So Why Not Vote For Real Change?


As of the writing of this blog, we are just two days away from Election Day in the United States.  Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is a date that will long be remembered in the annals of US History.  This Presidential election season in many ways started as far back as 2014 and has dominated the headlines ever since then.  Many are tired of it all and just want it to end, and then there are those that even when it comes and goes, it will not be over for them.

I am 43 years old and I have seen many Presidential elections come and go.  However, this year’s election has been one of the most tumultuous and frankly, nasty elections that I have ever witnessed.  The field of candidates from either major party have all fought with one another on the issues, but the personal attacks were outrageous.  Of course, who can forget the “small hands” comments from Senator Marco Rubio, and also Donald Trump calling Ted Cruz, “Lying Ted Cruz”, as well as making disparaging remarks about his wife.

On the Democrat side, we saw a fierce fight as well that honestly was not very well covered by the liberal media.  That is because the liberal media does not want to show the world it’s hand, in that, there are just as many people disenfranchised in their party as there are in the GOP.  We now know that there was an active campaign at the DNC level to deep six the campaign of Bernie Sanders, and that was accomplished through the use of Super Delegates.  While I totally disagree with what Bernie Sanders stood for, which is basically communism, having your campaign sabotaged by your own party that you are running under is underhanded.

The Presidential debates have been lack luster to say the least.  Very little discussion on the issues and nothing but personal attacks.  However, since the final debate, we have seen a swath of hacked emails from the group Wikileaks that shows exactly what was going on in the Clinton camp when she was Secretary of State.  Essentially, every assertion she made before Congress under oath has been proven through her own emails as being a lie.  Also, as of yesterday, it has been proven that the Clinton Foundation received 1.1 million dollars from the country of Qatar, a state that sponsors terrorism, and she never reported like she stated she would.  This woman is a liar of the first order, and what is worse, she does not care that she lies or what you think as long as people vote for her.

On the other side we have Donald Trump, who is a successful businessman and charismatic to say the least.  His style of speech literally shook the GOP’s foundation to its core in that he showed himself as a man that could not be bought or persuaded by the establishment members of the party.  However, Trump’s campaign is much like Obama’s was in that, there are a lot of platitudes and a lot of promises, but when pressed for details, people like myself are still waiting for answers.

He has conducted himself as a bully, using slanderous speech both in person and most notably his Twitter wars have been nothing short of a spectacle of thin skinned behavior.  We have leaked audio from several years ago speaking of women in a disgusting sexual fashion.  To his credit he has apologized for that, but when considering his past which has mostly been of a playboy type of behavior, it sort of falls on deaf ears, especially people like myself.  However, the most egregious thing that I have witnessed from this candidate is his shameless pandering for votes from the evangelical community.  He has spun himself as the greatest thing for evangelicals, and as I have previously written on this, been no shortages of so-called evangelical leaders rallying believers to vote for this man.  Again, a man who says he has never asked G-d for forgiveness.  Let that last part sink in a bit.

Speaking from the perspective of a believer in Yeshua, neither of these candidates is acceptable nor qualified to be President of the United States.  Both are morally corrupt, both clearly show that lying is totally acceptable to either of them in order to obtain whatever they desire be it votes, money, and power.  If we are to use the words of Yeshua who said, “by their fruits (actions) you will know them.”, which our L-rd is telling us how we will know if someone is a believer in Him, most assuredly both of these candidates show they are not followers of Yeshua at all.

So who do we vote for as believers?  I have heard many people say, and mostly evangelicals, that we have to vote for Trump, because the country will be worse if Hillary Clinton is elected.  Many try to use the Supreme Court argument that the next President may be appointing as many as 3 additional Justices along with the empty spot left by Antonin Scalia who died earlier this year.  They of course use the point of view that Hillary is just “so corrupt” while at the same time ignoring and dismissing the faults of Donald Trump like his womanizing past, his foul mouth, and his racist leanings.

There are plenty of candidates out there running for President of the United States, but you may not hear or see anything about them on the local nightly news, on the front webpages of major news networks.  These are referred to as “third-party” candidates and they are just as serious about running for the highest office in the land as those in the GOP and DNC.  One of those parties that I happen to support is the Constitution Party.  I encourage all believers to goto www.constitutionparty.org and read up on the candidate Darrell Castle and what their platform is.  You will find that is is a constitutionally conservative party that hold true to the Bible and it’s teachings.

Of course there are the naysayers out there that state, “voting third party is throwing your vote away”, or my favorite, “a vote for anyone else but Trump is a vote for Hillary.”  Both are silly and frankly insulting statements to make.  Why should honorable men and women feel forced into voting for men and women who are dishonorable?  The answer is they should not and they do not have to.  Ask yourself this question, “Has voting for men and women into office, be it Congress, local city councils, and President of the United States, who continue to not keep their word once in office changed anything?”  If you answered no, you might be on the path to recovery.

The fact is as believers, we need to take a serious step back and look at who we vote into office.  Are we voting based on “being on the winning team”?  Are we voting the way we do because that’s the way our parents voted?  Are we voting for a political party because we consider it the “lesser of two evils”?  What we should be doing is voting for candidates for office by lining them up with the Word of G-d.  Do we pray and seek Yeshua for answers on who we should vote for?  If the past century, and this current one that we are in are any indication of what that answer is, the resounding answer is “no.”

I have stated this before in previous blogs and I will say it again, continuing to vote for the “lesser of two evils” is still choosing evil.  Continuing to vote men and women into office who clearly demonstrate that they are not men and women of their word, i.e. liars, is not representing us.  In fact what we are doing is shooting ourselves in the foot.  That is why we have legalized abortion in this country.  That is why we have arrived at the point where grown men who declare they identify as a woman, can walk into a restroom with women and young girls, and have lawmakers endorse what they are doing as a “right” instead of calling it what it is, which is perversion.  This is why our nation has endorsed the gay lifestyle to the point of accepting it as “normal” even putting it on equal ground as allowing homosexual marriage.

Of course through all of this we have believers wringing their hands with concern about the direction this nation is heading from a moral standpoint, and all the while voting for men and women who show zero fear of G-d themselves.  These same people chastise other believers that have the audacity to bring up the points that I have mentioned in this blog as to why we should stop voting for these immoral people.

Imagine the change we could bring about as believers if the evangelical community of America were to stand up and say to our leaders, “Enough is enough.  We are tired of your empty promises, your lies, and your double talk.  We elected you to office to represent our views and to stand up for what is right, what is moral, and what is just.  If you refuse to hold to your word, if you refuse to hold to the truths of the Word of G-d, we will show up en masse and vote you out of office.”  I am quite certain that organizations like the GOP would see this as a bluff.  But imagine for a moment what would happen when we as believers actually follow up that threat with action, by not voting for who they tell us to vote for?  The political avalanche that would ensue would be newsworthy to say the least, and quite possibly, would bring about the death of such a party.

That leads me to the final point which is, maybe it is time for the GOP to be consigned to oblivion?  The GOP, by and large, is supported heavily by evangelicals, but again, they have not represented us at all in decades.  There is no real change happening within the halls of the Republican Party.  Therefore, on this Tuesday, why not cast your vote for real change?  Imagine if a write-in candidate beat out members of both parties?  It would make worldwide news overnight, but more importantly, it would send a strong message to Washington, and to all 50 states that the “silent majority” is silent no more.  Or you can vote for either of the two major parties, and we can have another 4 years of the same song and dance that has droned on for decades.  The choice is yours.