Thoughts On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Even though Martin Luther King Day has passed, I want to share some thoughts with you regarding the man, and the woman who taught me about him.

In 4th grade, I had Mrs. Evelyn Berryman as my teacher at Northside Elementary School in Waxahachie, TX. Mrs. Berryman was, in short, one of the most fantastic teachers I ever had in my public education. It was in her class that I was first taught the subject of “Black History”.

In her class we learned all sorts of things, like the first gas mask was invented by a black man, the first open heart surgery was performed by a black man, and of course, we learned about the legend and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One of the first things she taught me was, that Dr. King and I had the exact same birthday. January 15.

What I learned about Dr. King, is that he was a brave man. He literally went to jail, not to show off, or gather followers just for the sake of having them. Rather, he stood up, along with many others, and said there is something inherently wrong treating someone differently because of the color of their skin. I learned that there were many white people that marched in protests with him, much to their detriment of their families, friends, and employers. But what I learned about Dr. King is that, a man can have a fundamental disagreement, and not start a riot or tear the place up. In fact, Dr. King abhorred violent protests.

Dr. King was gunned downed in a cowardly act, and the reason for that was as clear then, as it is now. Someone, and really, many people did not like the idea of “colored people” being empowered. I use that term not to be offensive, but it was a term used back then of contempt. If it makes you mad to read it now, please know that there are many black people, and people of all colors, who are alive from that era today, that found it equally if not more so offensive back then.

I would like to think that one of Dr. King’s legacies is what happened in Mrs. Berryman’s 4th grade class. You see, Mrs. Berryman was a black teacher, teaching public school to a room full of kids of all different colors, creeds, and religions, whereas just a decade prior to that, it would have been unheard of. Dr. King was also a believer in Christ, and as such, because of his profession of faith, he went to be with the L-rd Yeshua. I think he had to smile, when looking down from heaven, to see the scene in Mrs. Berryman’s class. I know it makes me smile even today.

Mrs. Berryman was a lady who did not care what color you were, where you came from, or how much money your momma and daddy made. She treated everyone based on the “content of their character.” This was the essential message in Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Dr. King stood up for people of all colors. Today, there is much racial tension in this country. Some of it is artificial, meaning, that some people just thrive off stirring up trouble, when none exists. And then there are real racial injustices that are taking place, and unfortunately, people tend to take sides based on political parties.

As I posted in a quote from Dr. King earlier today, the church, that is, we as believers, should not be sold out to any political party. We should be the moral conscience of this great land. That means even when our political party is saying we should think one way, what we should be doing is getting in our Word, getting on our knees, and then submit to what He wants, and not what man wants. That may mean sometimes agreeing with people you may disagree with on many other things. Bottom line is, Dr. King stood up for what was morally right, and we as believers should too.


Dr King


Terrorism Normalized

Terrorism Normalized

In just the last 10 days, the United Kingdom has come under attack twice by ISIS.  First there was the suicide bombing of the Ariana Grande concert, and then this past weekend at London Bridge, terrorists drove a van into a crowd of people and killed 7 people and injuring dozens.  Just three months ago in Westminster, a terrorist mowed pedestrians down with a vehicle, which then ended with him stabbing his victims.  That is a total of 3 attacks inside of a quarter of a year, and all claimed by ISIS.

The writing on the wall is pretty clear.  Terrorism is now normalized in the UK.

How did Britain get to this point?  It’s really quite simple.  It’s called political correctness.  Britain, like other countries in Europe, have the misconception that you can coexist with extremists, and if you talk to them long enough about individual liberty and try to espouse tolerance, then they will come around and stop wanting to blow you and your kids up.  This of course is complete nonsense, and shows a complete lack of understanding of just who exactly they are dealing with.

The members of ISIS have just one thing in mind.  They want to establish a caliphate, and indeed, in many areas of Syria, they already have.  However, they want this caliphate to be worldwide, and if you do not agree with their plans of grandeur, then they will just kill you because you are in the way.  Let me repeat that, ISIS are nothing more than cold blooded killers.  Convert to Islam or die is their motto, and it’s how they live and die.  This is the nature of the enemy of not just the people of Great Britain, but the entire peace loving world.

Yet, in the hours after the attack, American media, British media, and other news sources were very skeptical to call this what it is.  It’s Islamic Terrorism plain and simple.  No, they did not want to offend their muslim viewers, or possibly incite more attacks like these they thought.  However, the eye-witness accounts of hearing and seeing one of the terrorists shout, “This is for Allah!” removed all reasonable doubt.  After this, we saw the hashtags, “United with the UK” banners, and memes popping up all over social media, and of course people expressing their “outrage”.

However, none of that is going to matter, unless something is done about it.  Terrorists are not scared by people being in “solidarity” when there is no action to go along with said togetherness.  Britain, is dealing with an enemy that is several thousand years old, and it is one that the country of Israel is very familiar with.  The attack tactics against those on London Bridge, and the other incidents are exactly the same as the stabbing and car ramming attacks that happen against Jews at the hands of the Arabs.  The only difference is, Israel is very careful of who they allow to live in their country, and yes, they profile which I know sends liberals reading this into shock.

But this is also a spiritual warfare.  The Bible says very clearly:

Ephesians 6:12 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

12 For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.

These men and women who live a life of terrorism, they are agents of the enemy.  That is to say, the devil himself.  Therefore, when we see acts of terror against people, be they English, Jewish, American, or whomever, the real operator behind the scenes is Satan.  He is the author of confusion, the father of lies, and he had deceived these people into believing that they will be rewarded in heaven for killing people in the name of Allah.  However, the Bible is also clear on where terrorists(murderers) will wind up.

Revelation 21:8 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

But as for the cowardly, the untrustworthy, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those involved with the occult and with drugs, idol-worshippers, and all liars — their destiny is the lake burning with fire and sulfur, the second death.”

The people also who are being lied to are those that try to coexist with people bent on killing them.  Instead of seeking G-d for an answer as to what to do, they turn to analysts, so-called “Middle East Experts”, and the like seeking a secular way of how to deal with terrorism.  It is interesting to note that prior to the D-Day Invasion of Normandy in WW2, allied troops all over the impending invasion force implored G-d to be with them, to give them victory over a murderous regime which were the Nazis.  They were not just victorious, but overwhelmingly so.  Germany is not a threat to any country anymore.

They achieved total victory, but only because G-d was behind it all.  Our G-d is one of justice, and ultimately, these terrorists who are dead now, are facing the judgement of our L-rd Yeshua.  However, just as we have seen many times in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, very often G-d would be with the Israelites who prayed for victory against their enemies, and they would win.  However, this was only when Israel was serving the one true G-d, and not corrupting themselves by worshiping other things, like money, other religions, and the like.

So for Britain, and indeed, the rest of the world, there needs to be a return to G-d first.  Seeking His face and repenting of our sins the way that David did when he said, “Create in me a new heart O G-d.  And renew a right spirit in me.”  Once our spirit has been renewed through the power of the Holy Spirit of Yeshua, then and only then can we hope to defeat Islamic terrorism.  It is time for the world to go back to church, seek G-d, repent of our sins, and then humbly ask Him to help us stop this madness that we are witnessing.


History Will Show Barack Obama Sides With Evil Everytime

History Will Show Barack Obama Sides With Evil Everytime

Barack Obama has taken his fair share of parting shots at America, at decency, and sided with what is wrong as opposed to what is right.  After spitting in the eye of every Jew on the planet for the last 30 plus days, Obama has now commuted the sentences of nearly 1400 criminals.

The latest, Bradley Manning, the Army Specialist that divulged classified information to Wikileaks, and thus put people’s lives at risk, had his sentence commuted by none other than Barack Obama himself.  This is a man (Manning), who is mentally ill and was able to get us, the American taxpayers, to pay for his hormone therapy to turn himself into a woman.  Of course, he never can be one because you cannot alter DNA, but that is for another discussion (or maybe not because frankly, it’s a gross thing to think about).

What we witnessed today in commuting the sentence of a man who compromised US Intelligence, is just further proof of a pattern with this outgoing President. Barack Obama, since day one in office, has stood on the side of immorality.  He sides with terrorists by releasing them from prison only to see them return to the battlefield and hurt innocent people.  Obama pushed forward the homosexual agenda, by misusing his position of power to promote gay marriage.

This lame duck President decided to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran, and kept Israel in the dark for years while the negotiating went on behind their backs.  Again, a country who swore to “wipe Israel off the map” he decided to negotiate with!  Of course the pinnacle of his antisemitism was the snub in the UN last month.  This President for his entire two terms in office has thrown law enforcement under the bus, by meddling in local law enforcement’s work at protecting the public, by painting them as blood thirsty, racist animals.

Of course, we cannot forget that this President demonstrated zero leadership in the wake of the intelligence debacle that was Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  Her level of violation of our national security laws was literally unprecedented in terms of her complete and utter stupidity in handling classified information.  Yet, not one time did this President use his office to bring down the full force of the law against her.  You would think that given her being a former rival, he could cut ties, but I guess the bond of Democrats supersedes all areas of decency and morality.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Bradley Manning is going to get out of jail in just a little over 3 months from now, after divulging 270,000 classified and unclassified documents to Wikileaks.  Take a look at the following quote from a news article regarding this travesty of justice.

In a statement posted on the White House’s website, the Administration states that “we must remember that clemency is an extraordinary remedy, granted only after the President has concluded that a particular individual has demonstrated a readiness to make use of his or her second chance.”

Let me get this straight.  So the President thinks that someone who put on our nation’s uniform, swore an oath to defend her, even unto the death, and then summarily turned his back on everything he promised, divulged our nation’s secrets, and most likely put other servicemen and servicewomen, along with various other intelligence assets around the world in mortal danger, should get a second chance?  Funny, because usually a traitor, which Manning absolutely is, does not get a second chance.  How he’s alive today is another testament that we as a nation have lost our backbone when it comes to dishing out punishment for violating the nation’s trust.

However, that is what this President does.  He is without honor.  He is without decency.  He is the most un-American President in US History, and no I’m not harking back to the birther argument by saying that.  Instead of standing up for the rule of law, instead of standing up for what is the natural and moral order of things in a civil society, instead of standing up and should to shoulder with our ally Israel, instead of backing our nation’s military by properly and rightfully letting traitors rot in prison for their full term, he chooses to side with the opposite.  In the simplest of explanations, he sides with evil, and bear in mind, America elected him twice.  What does that say about our nation?

In three days time, Barack Obama will vacate the White House, and a new President will take his place. From this blogger’s point of view, he cannot leave soon enough.  Every moment that he continues to stay in that honorable house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he soils the sanctity of the Office of President of the United States of America. Unfortunately, he has chosen to take up residence in Washington DC after he leaves office, so that he can continue his legacy of interference and general being a pain in the neck.  My greatest hope is that America will ignore this man once he is out of office, and focus on trying to piece back together this great nation.  I hope that this is a shared hope by all my fellow Americans.

Donald Trump is not a saint, and I resent members of the evangelical community that try to paint him as such.  However, I believe that Donald Trump loves America.  I believe that he respects the Oval Office, and I believe him when he says that this country is an absolute disaster.  I am hopeful that he will respect the rule of law, and work to make this country great again for all Americans.  Let’s pray for our incoming President-elect that he will listen to the voice of G-d and do what He wills.  That he will choose to side with what is right.


The Time Has Come – It’s Time For America To Reject #BlackLivesMatter

The Time Has Come – It’s Time For America To Reject #BlackLivesMatter

I had planned earlier this week to blog about the travesty of justice that was and is Hillary Clinton getting a pass from the Justice Department over her email scandal.  I had planned to cover all the bases on how one set of laws seem to apply to one group, while the rest of regular Americans have to live within the confines of the actual law.  This was my plan.

Then, there was Dallas Thursday night.

In summary, there was a protest organized by Reverend Jeff Hood, who by the way this will be the only time I use the title “Reverend” in regards to this man in this blog for reasons that will be revealed later, to protest the police shooting of suspects in Louisiana and Minnesota.  Prior to this rally, Jeff Hood made the following statement.  Warning, it is graphic .

“(name of our L-rd) d*mn white America.”

This was the tone that was set before the protest.  A supposed man of the cloth, a man who graduated from a Baptist Seminary, and a man who was raised in church, was taking the name of our L-rd in vain to damn white people in America to hell.  It was a declaration of hate and certainly not representative of our L-rd and Savior Yeshua.  In fact, you will not find one racist remark in the Bible from our L-rd Yeshua, or our Heavenly Father Adonai.  Yeshua Himself warned us about what comes out of our mouths and what it will produce.

Luke 6:45 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

45 The good person produces good things from the store of good in his heart, while the evil person produces evil things from the store of evil in his heart. For his mouth speaks what overflows from his heart.

This past Thursday night, many people took to the streets of Dallas to exercise their protected right to peaceably protest.  I do want to say from the outset, that it was a peaceful protest on the surface.  There was no one throwing rocks at police or doing anything like that.  When the shooting started, some of the protesters actually pulled police who had been shot to safety and that is to be commended.  There are videos, pictures, etc of Dallas Police protecting the public.  To be clear, they (police) were protecting the public that was out that night to specifically protest against police.

While #BlackLivesMatter did not organize this protest on their own, and the gunman who killed those police officers was not affiliated with this group, they most definitely are responsible for what took place Thursday night in Dallas.  How you may ask?  Because since the shooting in Ferguson, MO, the BLM movement came out for one reason and one reason only.  They hate cops.

Despite what you may read in the news today, that they condemn the attacks against police in Dallas, and are going to protest that with marches, they absolutely hate cops.  When you walk down the streets yelling “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”, which to be clear, is calling for the death of police officers, you are setting a tone of hate, and unfortunately, that catches like wildfire.  In fact, even after the shooting commenced, there are videos showing the laughing and even dancing protesters upon hearing and seeing cops getting shot.

Does that sound peaceful to you?  I didn’t think so.

Getting back to who organized this protest, Jeff Hood, we need to see who or what kind of man he is.  I know exactly who he is, because I used to live in the community where he got started.  He is a man who started a church in a bar in downtown Denton.  Sounds noble right?  However, Hood has made a conscious decision to disregard the Bible, because he openly welcomes homosexuals into his congregation, and does not teach his congregants that such a lifestyle will send one to hell.  In fact, he is now on staff at Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope, which is an openly gay “church”.  In other words, according to the Word of G-d, Jeff Hood is a false teacher, unrepentant, and rebellious.

Jeff Hood was quoted as saying the following after the shooting took place:

“I follow Jesus. I am a preacher.”

Getting back to the verse I quoted earlier, if he is rebellious at heart, then naturally what will be produced is rebellion.  Thursday night’s protest, regardless of how Constitutionally protected it may have been, was led by a man that had nothing but hate and contempt in his heart not only against his own race, that being white, but also against law enforcement.  These are things that Jesus would not have endorsed, and if it has not become abundantly clear by now, any person who preaches that being gay is not a sin, and that an entire race should be damned to hell, is not following Jesus.  Even Yeshua said Himself, “You will know them by their fruits.”  The fruits of Jeff Hood and BLM are 5 dead Dallas cops and many others injured or traumatized.

The slowly building war on law enforcement, due to the rhetoric and actions of BLM, went to a new level Thursday evening.  Now, it’s time for common sense Americans to stand up and formally reject the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and call it what it is.  It is without a doubt a racist, hate-filled organization that seeks as it’s ultimate goal to humiliate our law enforcement, make them second guess when seconds count if they should draw down or not, and ultimately, makes America’s cities and towns less safe.  Yes, there are undesirables in all areas of industry and service, and those people should be and are dealt with on a daily basis and we usually never read about it in the press.  However, adopting a point of view that the people that are there to protect you from harm are somehow the source of the problem is not only silly, but again, such rhetoric is damaging enough to turn weak minded people to violence.

Therefore, if you are a person who maybe has subscribed to some of the philosophy of the BLM movement, perhaps it’s time to take a step back, especially if you are a believer in Christ.  It’s time to research who are the people leading such a movement, and what is really in their heart?  Yeshua did not call people to support anarchy, but to be law abiding citizens wherever we may be.  Are their people of color that have been unfairly treated by police?  Of course there have been, but they are a small fraction compared to the overall police force in this nation.

The problems that are plaguing America’s ethnic neighborhoods are not just limited to ethnicity.  The source of the problem pervades all colors, creeds, and socio-economic classes.  The source of the problem that leads to problems like Ferguson, South Carolina, Columbine, Oklahoma, Ft. Hood, 9/11 are all the same.  It is about being distant from the Word of G-d, and what does G-d say Himself about what will happen when people get away from His Word?

Matthew 24:12 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

12 and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah.

These are the words of Yeshua Himself stating what the problem is.  Society has lost it’s love because society continues to get further and further away from His Word.  This is how we have interactions with police like the one’s I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  This is how things lead to what happened in Dallas Thursday night.  A man full of so much rage, because another organization and other groups of people who, instead of looking to G-d’s Word for comfort and direction, decided to come up with their own doctrine to handle things.  That doctrine birthed nothing but hate and contempt for several groups of people and ultimately this man, a veteran, taking up a rifle and killing police and injuring civilians.

I want to be clear that I am not advocating that believers not get involved in activism for a particular cause.  What I am saying is that as believers, we need to look at such organizations, like BLM, through the microscope of the Bible.  If it does not match up, we should not be a part of it.  In my opinion, based on what the Word teaches, no believer should be a part of BLM.  As such, Bible believing Americans need to make their voices heard about #BlackLivesMatter.  That is to say, all races of believers need to collectively reject their rhetoric, their leaders, and those like Jeff Hood that have been infected with their hate filled message, and replace that with the Word of G-d, which is the only source that gives humanity hope.

Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with all the families that lost loved ones, and or were injured or traumatized Thursday night.  I cannot imagine what they are going through.  However, the one thing I am seeing good out of all of this, is the response of sympathy, compassion, and love for law enforcement from those posting on social media, to those who stood on overpasses saluting the motorcades that carried the dead officers bodies to the funeral homes.  Seeing this gives me hope that the majority of Americans support and defend what law enforcement does on a daily basis.